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Compare and contrast essays are essays that are written to realize the similarities and differences between two (2) or more subjects. The main point one must keep in mind about such essays is subjects must be related to one another. In compare and contrast essays, an essay writer should not only provide ideas about the subjects and already acknowledged similarities and differences. But they should give meaningful argumentation or arguments.

Before starting to write, one must collect all ideas and decide what to describe. As well as which aspects to cover. In all spheres, there are plenty of compare and contrast essay topics but do not select a topic that looks good to you. Nor go for highly controversial topics. Instead, always choose a topic that is;

  • Relevant
  • Neutral
  • Related to one another

Below is the list of some amazing and powerful topics to help you choose a perfect one for your essay.

  1. Comparison of iPhone and Samsung
  2. Management strategies vs. marketing strategies
  3. Energy, the alternate sources, and climate
  4. Theories of Ford vs. Porter’s Theories
  5. Technologies of Roman and Greek
  6. Human control and artificial intelligence
  7. Mental health and physical fitness
  8. Coconuts vs. Gas: The alternative sources of energy and their comparison
  9. Dogs and cats: how they adapt new environment
  10. Human health and health of animals
  11. Psychology and sociology
  12. Business competition and business comparison
  13. Marketing vs. advertising
  14. Business management vs. business planning
  15. Corporate sustainability vs. corporate social responsibility
  16. Comparison of accounting and auditing
  17. An apple every day vs. advised medicine from doctors
  18. Free medicine vs. paid medicine
  19. Comparison of biology and psychology
  20. Comparison of social media and news platforms for news spreading
  21. Islam and Christianity
  22. Eastern traditions vs. Western traditions
  23. Jung vs. Freud schools of thoughts
  24. Life at home vs. life at the hostel
  25. Parents and family: comparison of leadership tactics
  26. Approaches to corruption: Eastern vs. Western
  27. Games and study outcomes: good or bad?
  28. Donald Trump vs. George Bush
  29. Steve jobs vs. Bill Gates
  30. Michael Jackson and Prince
  31. Plato and Socrates
  32. A good and a bad habit
  33. Good character vs. bad character
  34. Good teacher vs. bad teacher
  35. Instagram vs. Facebook
  36. Traditional food vs. fast food
  37. Private school vs. private school
  38. Full freedom or parental control
  39. Social violence and juvenile delinquency
  40. School studies vs. college studies
  41. Research essay and research paper
  42. American, British, and Australian English
  43. Traditional vs. online shopping
  44. Graduate vs. postgraduate students
  45. Academic studies and professional life (employment)
  46. College teacher vs. university professors
  47. History or literature
  48. Short story vs. novel
  49. Soccer vs. football
  50. Football: in 20th century and today (in 21st century)

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General Writing Tips

You may think that writing a compare and contrast is a challenging task. But no worries, the following tips would make everything easy and clear.

  1. Select the subject

    As mentioned in the beginning, always select different subjects for your essay. But never forget that they must be the same in nature. Hence, always select related and relevant subjects for your essay.

  2. Brainstorm characteristics

    One of the best methods to write a quality compare and contrast essay is brainstorming characteristics of each subject. Hence always do so when writing your essay. Furthermore, create two lists where one is for the same characteristics of the subject while another is for different ones.

  3. Sharpen the main argument

    A compare and contrast essay is not about to list similarities and differences of chosen subjects. But it goes for argumentation. Hence, always develop an argument and then hone it to prove it. To develop a strong argument, hire a professional essay writing service now at affordable rates.

  4. Fill in supporting evidence

    In every step of your writing, make sure you backup everything with evidence. Always research, read, and experience to get evidence for your argument. For example, if you are writing about a comparison of dogs and cats then use your own experiences with both. As well as ask friends to share their experiences. So you will fill the supporting evidence(s).

    Keep in mind! Always use transition words when writing a compare and contrast essay. As well as, do not forget to proofread and revise your essay once you write it. Or you can always ask others to write my essay for me

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