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Whether you are getting an admission to a college, university, or applying for a job; you should include a personal statement in your resume. As the name indicates that this statement would contain your academic achievements and information. A good statement would ensure your admission to Ivy League or help land you a job in a multinational.

Writing a personal statement by yourself can be risky too if it is not good enough. Remember that only a good statement would ensure you a bright future. Trust me, if you do not feel confident enough then do not try to write it to jeopardize your future. There are legit professional academic writing services that can write your statement for you.

Whenever you decide to write a statement, remember that you have to follow a specific format under which you will incorporate all the information. I am writing down some personal statement prompts you can take inspiration from them as well with a basic idea of how they look like, or select one for your professional essay writer to write a sample on.

Important prompts

  1. The most important advice of my life was given by my uncle about working hard. It helped me to achieve my objectives. Since then I make sure to do my hundred percent by working hard and smart.
  2. I believe students' participation in community services helps them to become responsible. It also generates a sense of attachment.
  3. In your essay, reflect on a timeline, question its authenticity, and challenge the ideas or beliefs which you read during your research. Which point inspired your thinking and what was its outcome.
  4. You should take a lesson from obstacles which you face in your life and change them into promising opportunities. Remember that whenever you face a challenge it changes you forever and makes you strong for future challenges. From every challenge in your life, you will get new experience.
  5. Describe a problem that you have solved in your life considering its importance. Whether it was an intellectual challenge, an ethical dilemma, or an issue related to your personal life. First, explain your problem and which steps you took to handle it and after its solution how it changed your life.
  6. Discuss an achievement or when you got a promotion in the office how it changed your personal life and how much growth did you make from that promotion. How you explore yourself as compared to others
  7. Highlight an idea which you find engaging and link it to a concept in a way that you lose track of time; only then you would be able to achieve something good in your life. The idea must be important to you so that it can have revolutionized impacts.
  8. You can also share an essay on any topic you like. It may include your already written essay during your school or college tenure. You can also write a new one on a different prompt if you like.
  9. A lot of students have a unique identity and background, or they possess a skill, talent, or interest that is so profound or noteworthy that their statement would not be complete without it. If you think you are one of them, please narrate your story.
  10. If you have faced a failure in your life and you think that it is important for others to know. Or if you simply wanted to inspire them then you should write that failure. It would create a positive image of yours and make you a strong personality.
  11. Discuss your biggest achievement, realization, or event which enhanced your personal growth. What you learned from that achievement and how it reformed your personality.

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