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There are several types of documents. Each of them differs with the type of work performed in that specific document. These types of works could be research-based works, work involving findings, or data collection or analysis of data. Moreover, it could be theoretical work as well. A lab report is a type of document that aims at documenting findings and then highlighting the importance of those findings. Lab reports are mostly used for scientific experiments where from the start of the experiment till the end every detail is included in the lab report. These details are the background of the experiment, theory related to the experiment, data collection, apparatus of material required for experimenting, the procedure of the experiment, results, and findings, interpretation of results, conclusion, and precautions. All these help to provide every detail of the experiment. Lab reports can also be used for general theoretical-based works that do not involve any findings but rather aim at proving a perspective through evidence and proof.

Nowadays lab reports are a part of every course and discipline especially engineering and its related fields but no such importance is given in teaching students the skills to write effective lab reports. Teachers mostly focus on teaching the content provided in the course but don’t give time to teach students reporting or documentation-related skills. Even though no such importance is given at educational levels on the writing skills of the student. And thus students cannot write effectively. It is not just necessary for an essay writer to write effective and outstanding essays, writing is a skill that everyone should adopt because it is not something limited to a field or area. Writing effective reports or essays is not only about collecting data, results, and fitting them into a format, it is more about your writing skills, your ability to convey things, your ability to organize things and connect them.

Components of a Lab Report

A lab report is formed of several basic components. Although every instructor demands different components to be included in the report some components are common in all reports and are essential for completely and effectively writing the report. These are:

  1. Title page: The title page often involves the logo and name of the institution, name of writer or writers, name of the experiment, date of submission, and the name of the course. Information such as department or discipline, roll number or topic name, etc can also be included.

  2. Abstract: Summarize your report in this section by mainly highlighting the purpose of the experiment, results, their importance, and your conclusion.

  3. Theoretical background: Write a little bit about the background of the theory involved in the experiment.

  4. Introduction: Introduce your topic and briefly the basic concepts of the theory involved in the experiment. You may include formulas or derivations if necessary. Get help from the essay writing service writers for your assignment.

  5. Equipment or material required: List names of all the equipment or materials required to perform this experiment.

  6. Procedure: Step by step and in detail explain the procedure that was adopted to perform the experiment.

  7. Results: The results of the experiment are usually presented in table form and even graphs are used to show results if necessary.

  8. Interpretation and discussion of results: The results are interpreted, analyzed, and then discussed to see that the objectives are achieved or not.

  9. Conclusion: Based on the discussion of results a conclusion is made.

  10. Sources cited: All the references or sources cited during the experiment are listed in this component.

  11. Precautions: All the safeguards that are necessary to be taken during the experiment are described here in this component of the lab report.

These were the basic components that must be included in the reports. Once I asked my friend studying in another institution to write my essay for me which involved writing a lab report. I found that he missed most of the basic components. This was because students are not taught to write reports in most institutions.

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