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What is an informative speech?

A student or an essay writer may not think of informative speeches as the most exciting and entertaining form of public speaking but they must know that this is the most common form of speech. Demonstrations, training seminars, lectures, presentations of different reports, community health assessments are all forms of informative speeches.

Seasoned public speakers have also affirmed that informative speeches and their subtypes are the most difficult form of speaking. This is because the audience has to be enlightened about a topic of which they do not have a lot of knowledge. To do this right, a public speaker has to be efficient and alert at the same time. The audience has to be educated and engaged, simultaneously. This can come as a daunting task for most students and public speakers. Thousands of informative speech examples can be found on various databases and on the web in general, but before actually writing an informative speech, one needs to get in touch with various types of informative speeches or you can ask others to write my essay.

What are the different types of informative speeches?

Here are different types of informative speeches.


Events about informative speeches can explain how something that happened in history energized a specific movement or changed the lifestyle of entire generations. There are many times explaining a particular event, but in order to abide by time constraints, students may choose one dimension of an event and explain it in their speeches. Here are some examples of famous events:

Industrial Revolution

Second World War

The Academy Awards

The discovery of polio vaccination

The atomic bombing on Hiroshima and Nagasaki


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This category of informative speeches can shed light on specific people who have influenced a larger body of masses. Classified roles can be explained through this category of informative speeches as well. Here are some examples:



Alexander the Great

Mahatma Gandhi

Marie Curie

Michael Jackson


Mother Teresa

These topics can be converted into entire biographies, but in order to deliver an efficient informative speech, one must pick up a specific thesis statement and narrow down the speech to that statement. A human struggle or a particular achievement can be talked about, for instance. The audience must not lose interest if the speaker dwells on ordinary details about the topic.


Under this category, there are many topics that are normally not considered ordinary things. This is inclusive of institutions, substances, discoveries, places, and other inanimate things that are of some significance to people. Some examples can be

Hubble telescope



Silicon Valley

DDT insecticide

Armed forces of the United States

Picasso’s paintings

There should be a specific purpose for each of these topics and students must choose an interesting approach to these topics. An informative speech must be reflective of a deep slice of knowledge so that the focus of the audience is maintained.


These are abstract ideas and their existence is independent of their practices. Concepts can also be inclusive of controversial theories or hypotheses. Some examples which can be used as topics for informative speeches are:





Equality and Equity

The American Dream

Gender gap


If anyone chooses a specific process to be the topic of their informative speech, then the primary goal should be to help the audience comprehend the process in all its details.

For instance,

Volcanic eruption


Internet Banking

Cell Division

The building of a portfolio

Affiliate marketing

Content Writing


In this category, a presentation with the help of visual aids can also be done and these kinds of topics strongly serve the purpose of an informative speech.

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