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You are handed an assignment and it says to follow a particular format. Meanwhile, you are scratching your head like huh?! Well, citations and documents have certain formats that need to be followed. This allows it to be distinguished while following a certain predefined pattern. Experts of certain fields have to follow particular formats, which is one of the basic requirements for them and their coursework.

So what are the things that should be taken care of? Let’s say you have an assignment that should be written according to the MLA format, and you’re not much familiar with the style. You can take help from online sources or writing services. But to give you an idea of what is required, this article will highlight some of the general guidelines. So, let’s take a look at the guidelines below:

Document Format

  • Leave an inch of margin around the borders of the page.
  • The font should be 12 points and is primarily Times New Roman. The Arial font can also be used but it primarily depends upon what the teacher might have selected for you and the class.
  • You must leave double spaces between lines within the document. Proper spacing allows a better distinction between information that has been written.
  • The first line of the paragraph has to be indented. If you are thinking this is too much to remember then worry not. I contacted an expert writer once to write my essay and it was a great learning experience. These specialists know all of the commonly used formats in every discipline.
  • The headings within the format must also follow a proper format
    • The first-level heading should be bold and indented to the left.
    • The second-level heading should just be indented left without being emboldened and must be italicized.
    • The third level should be centered and bold
    • The fourth level should be centered and must be written in italics.

The document format must be strictly followed to ensure proper compliance with the standard. Just in case the instructor asks for anything out of the ordinary, you must follow the defined format.


  • The MLA citation follows a particular method, which includes the author’s name and the page of the source. This is used for the in-text citation, where after the paraphrase or the quote, you must give credit to the author. e.g. (John 20). It means that the source is used where the author’s last name is John and data is taken from page 20.
  • The “works cited” page must be included at the end to provide a bibliography of all the sources that have been used within the entire work. The format for any particular source changes based on the type of source used e.g. a website, a journal article, or any other type.

The main thing is practice. You can make efforts yourself and then see if you are properly formatting the document according to the requirements. The teacher would want you to follow the instructions properly. But if you feel any doubt, an essay writing service is there to help. They have experts that have mastered the craft of writing and know very well how to write any type of document, based on your instructions.

For any assignment, you have to understand the instructions first and then proceed. The accompanying elements such as the format, number of sources, and all other data must be properly highlighted before you begin. This is because you must have it in the back of your mind, while you write the essay. If you decide to get help from an academic essay writer, you must convey these details so that the work perfectly fits all your requirements.

Next time you see the words MLA, you would have the advantage of knowing what to do with your formatting and citations. Essays, research papers, and all other assignments can be managed without any concern. Just contact a paper writing service now.

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