10 Controversial Persuasive Speech Topics and How Best to Handle Them

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Persuasion is always a tough practice as it is not easy to convince others about something with your words. You need to be extremely sentient when it comes to using persuasion as a powerful instrument to influence the opinions of others. Appropriate choice of content and words is massively crucial that is only possible when you are well-aware of your audience.

As a speaker, it turns out as your core responsibility to develop an argument and present it to change people’s perceptions. Referring to this idea, sometimes the speaker has to develop a persuasive speech on controversial issues. If you are still confused about the controversial pattern of Persuasive Speech Topics, you are advised to visit the website of any speech writing service to apprehend better understanding. For a deeper understanding, let’s consider some controversial persuasive speech topics and also try to find particular measures that can help to handle them or you can ask others to write my essay.

Religious Fundamentalism is a Great Hazard for the Society

When it comes to properly and successfully address this controversial issue, it is important to follow the basic rule of delivering a persuasive speech. In a persuasive speech, always remember to focus only on the side of the argument for which an essay writer wants to convince his audience.

Prescription of Medical Marijuana by Doctors should be Permitted

Here, the most important perspective is to talk about specific situations when marijuana can be considered as the source of treatment for seriously ill patients. As a rational thinker, you must consider the negative aspects of marijuana but here you need to illustrate the medical benefits of this object that can save someone’s life.

Glass Ceiling is Still an Issue for Women

Bring examples of those women who suffer at their workplace due to the condition of the glass ceiling. To meet the purpose of persuasion, you must bring some significant examples in front of the audience.

Universities are operating Like Factories

The best way to handle this controversial topic is to bring arguments during a speech to justify your claim. You need to set a comprehensive comparison that why you are trying to portray that universities are operating only to accomplish the aim of profit maximization.

Homeschooling is Good Ideas for Rural Areas

The best way to handle this controversy is to focus on all the difficulties that students of rural areas have to face when it comes to studies. To persuade others, it is your task to present the reality of rural life and propose a solution in the form of homeschooling.

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Abortion is an Ethical Practice

It is important to talk about the moral and basic rights of women as human beings. Your justification in these terms can help you during a persuasive speech to convince people that there is nothing wrong with abortion. You need to establish the fact that a woman’s health and life are more important on ethical grounds.

Death Penalty is Cruel Practice

Talk about basic human rights that apply to every individual. You need to focus on the negative aspects of the death penalty and reject this idea of the death penalty on ethical grounds. Moreover, also mention all the positive perspective that can happen in case of avoiding the practice of the death penalty.

The Perfect Age Limit to Start Driving

Mention all the cases as examples in your persuasive speech when people lost their lives due to the practice of under-age driving. Use the necessary evidence to make your argument strong and relevant during the persuasive speech.

Ethical Position of Organ Donation

The best way to handle this controversial topic is to assess this practice on ethical grounds. You need to convey the idea that organ donation can be a source of saving someone’s life. Further, you should consider the legal consideration of this practice in your speech.

Same-Sex Couples Raising Children

Give value to facts when you create content on this issue for your persuasive speech. Try to focus on the academic achievement level of children who are raised by same-sex couples. This consideration eventually strengthens your argument during persuasive speech and helps you to convince others.

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