How to make Counter-Argument and Refutation in an Argumentative Essay?

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When you write an argumentative essay, you make a claim and persuasive argument in your thesis and offer reasoning by using evidence to support your thesis. The counter-argument means an argument against your thesis or part of your thesis. The counter-argument expresses the person's views who disagree with your ideas or position. A counterargument is the best way to test your ideas in writing your essay’s first draft.

Arguing against the objection of someone to your claim is known as a refutation. In addition to presenting the counter-argument and argument, remember to invalidate or refute your counterargument. Show your readers or professor that your counterargument is well developed. Remember! Refutation should explain why the counterargument is wrong and why your argument is strong.

The advantage of refuting against your own argument allows you to anticipate counter objections and doubts that readers might have. Keep in mind! You should consider carefully what to argue against as not all objections are worth countering. An argumentative essay includes all possible counter-arguments for each of the persuasive claims in your essay. Or you can always ask others to write my essay in no time.

Why include a counter-argument?

In an essay, the Counter argument has two stages: to challenge you to turn against your argument and then turn back to reaffirm it. Including a paragraph of counter-argument in an argumentative essay, shows your professor and readers that you understand and know that another aspect exists and you considered this by responding to them. This helps to strengthen your own argument and gives you credibility. Counter-arguments energize and sharpen your essay but keep in mind. too many can show a reverse effect by making your essay's main idea weak as then there will be too many objections.

What should be added in a counter-argument paragraph?

Remember! An essay writer must do more than just determining an opposing position. When writing your paragraph of counter-argument, it is important to respond to another position. In your paragraph, determine the opposing argument and react to it by discussing the reasons that the argument is weak, illogical, incomplete, and unsound. Provide evidence or examples to demonstrate why the opposing argument is weak, illogical, and incomplete. End by presenting your argument and by giving a valid reason why your argument is stronger than the counterargument which is identified.

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Where to Put a Counterargument in an Argumentative essay?

Remember, a counter-argument can be placed anywhere in your essay but usually, it is added in the body paragraph. In this, you do a counter argument not to your main idea but to the specific point which that paragraph argues.

Refutation Paragraphs

At this stage, you know how to write an essay with a counterargument. Now let’s discuss refutation. Refutation is mainly present in an argumentative essay and also known as concession paragraphs. When you are writing an argumentative essay, it is important that you acknowledge all-important points of opposing arguments. The effective refutation paragraph establishes the writer’s credibility and ethos with the audience. This paragraph strengthens your essay by demonstrating that the writer has considered the argument on both sides before reaching the final position of the argument. Make sure that you don’t show the other argument side better than yours.

These paragraphs should be added in body paragraphs and can be body first, middle or last paragraph. The refutation paragraph placement mainly depends on the essay's logical organization and for an effective essay, it’s important that you develop a clear outline to decide where this paragraph should be placed.


Use the tips provided above and try to introduce a counter-argument on any topic of your interest. Or you can also hire a paper writing service to complete this task for you.

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