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What is a research paper outline?

Writing a research paper outline is one of the most challenging tasks for the students at the high school and university level. For writing a successful research paper, it is extremely important to develop a detailed outline. A research paper outline is used to organize the information which has to be used in the paper. The main purpose of making an outline is to collect all the information regarding the paper in one place and then use it appropriately in all sections of the research paper.

Steps to follow before writing a research paper outline:

Selection of an appropriate topic

Before starting a research paper outline, it is important to select an appropriate topic about which the writer feels comfortable writing. It is also necessary for the writer to decide to write on a topic that lies within their strengths and not weaknesses. Choose a topic that grabs the attention of the targeted audience. An example of this could be that if I tell someone to write my essay on a topic I choose, they will not be as comfortable to perform the task as if they were given a choice to choose the topic themselves.

Highlight your main argument

After selecting the topic, the writer needs to work on their main argument. The writer should ensure that the topic chosen is informative and interesting for the audience. Along with that, all the sources needed to write a research paper on a specific topic are easily available. Another major reason for stating the main argument is to see whether this topic is appropriate for a meaningful discussion or not.

Conduct research before starting the outline

The final part before starting the outline is to conduct thorough research on the topic to see if all the material needed for the paper is available or not. A research paper requires evidence, and discussing that evidence is the main purpose of the research paper outline. The outline enables the writer to develop a connection between the topic and the evidence which is available.

How to write a research paper outline?

Once the essay writer is done with all the pre-writing research, they need to organize their outline. Every outline has a set format that must be followed to ensure that a good quality research paper is written once it is complete. A research paper outline should be formatted in the following manner:


Before writing an introduction for the final draft of your essay, it is important to lay down a rough draft of it in the outline. The outline should include a hook in the introduction. A hook is a statement or a group of sentences that grabs the audience’s attention and develops their interest in the topic. The targeted audience should also be addressed in the outline, and a very strong thesis statement is needed at the end of the introduction. The research paper outline enables the writer to perform all the tasks mentioned above successfully. If you are confused about writing an introduction, contact a paper writing service now.

Body of the Outline

The research paper’s body is derived from the outline’s body, formulated by the writer. In this part of the outline, each argument presented by the writer is discussed in detail, and evidence supports them. The outline helps us to develop a relationship between the evidence and the argument presented. Lastly, the outline helps in selecting the vocabulary and the sentence structure, which is required for a quality research paper.


The conclusion is the final part of the outline that briefly lists all the body paragraphs’ arguments and restates the thesis statement.

Usually, one avoids writing research paper outlines when they are in a hurry or doing other people’s work. For example, if I tell my friend to write my essay, they wouldn’t make the same effort to form an outline like I would like to write a quality research paper myself. Thus, it is better to contact an essay writing service now.

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