Create Strong Topic Sentences for an Argumentative Essay

Essay writing is one of the common academic practices. From the beginning of your academic career, you are taught how to write essays. As you progress in the academic domain, essay writing becomes more complex and critical. Advanced essay writing demands in-depth research, incorporation of facts and figures, and scholarly references to make it a credible piece of writing.

Writing argumentative essays can be a tedious task. Making sure that every argument aligns with each other and every paragraph smoothly transitions to another can be challenging. Thankfully, you can take help from an essay writing service to ease your trouble in writing essays. However, if you know the tips and tricks of writing a good argumentative essay, you can become very much capable of writing one yourself.

Argumentative essays are all about narrating a clear thesis and beginning with strong topic sentences at the beginning of each paragraph. The topic sentences clearly outline the idea which you are going to discuss. Thus, it allows the reader to easily skim through the target content. Thus, having strong topic sentences is critical to enhancing the quality of your essays.

In the following section, we are going to introduce an essay writer to some amazing tips and tricks, using which you can create strong topic sentences for your argumentative essay. So put all your worries aside and continue reading to master the art of writing strong topic sentences.

A good topic Sentence must:

  1. 1) Clearly State the Central Ideas

    Your topic sentence must clearly outline the central idea which you are going to discuss in your paragraph. For example, when I write my paper for me, I make sure to convert my central arguments into keywords. So, whenever I am writing my central argument, I can incorporate one keyword per each topic sentence.

  2. 2) Be Specific to Your Topic

    A good topic sentence is always relevant to your thesis statement. Also, it must entail a specific argument instead of a generalized idea. Do not be vague in stating your argument.

  3. 3) Be of a Reasonable Length

    A promising topic sentence must be of a reasonable length. It shouldn’t be over two lines or less than half a line. Maintain a balance between narrating your central argument and the length of your topic sentence. If confused, ask an essay writing service to do it for you.

  4. 4) Entail an interesting Hook

    A good topic sentence must entail an interesting hook. It must begin with an appealing phrase that immediately grabs the attention of readers. For example, if your argumentative essay is discussing a particular novel, you can add the character’s emotions or an impactful dialogue in your topic sentence.

  5. 5) Have an Original Claim

    A topic sentence is not merely stating factual information. It must always be an original claim. When coming across multiple guides that revolve around the notion as to how to write an essay, almost every one of them asserts the importance of maintaining originality in your essays. A good topic sentence comprises your opinion combined with a fact from the topic under discussion. It can also be a personal comment related to a topic, but must always have a debatable edge to it.

  6. 6) Be a Transitionary Statement

    An impactful topic sentence always acts as a connection between the previous and the upcoming point under discussion. It is more of a transitory statement connecting two ideas yet concluding one and beginning the other. An example of a transitionary topic sentence can be “Rebuking the arguments presented by the pro-life debaters, the pro-choice advocates argue that the "right" to the life of a fetus is acceptable unless it compromises the social, physical, and economic security of the female.”

    Congratulations on making it till the end of this guide. We are positive that you must have successfully learned the basics of writing a powerful topic sentence. Now that you are equipped with the hacks of writing good topic sentences, stop waiting, and start practicing your argumentative essay today.

    In case you still need help, consult a paper writing service to help you professionally.

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