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Human beings are social animals who cannot stay in isolation. They interact with each other, and the result of this interaction may vary. Their interaction in the form of communication may result in conflict and rigidity. Still, at the same time, this is also possible that interactive communication might result in exploring new ideas and paradigms. This quest for exploring new ideas is imperative for the survival and progress of human societies. Debate topics are never the same; rather, they change according to the requirements of the time and societies.

When communication is initiated among two individuals/groups/ parties and if the end is not disturbing and conflict, this can be regarded as a constructive debate or an intellectual sport. In a debate, an interesting stance is often required; either you oppose the main idea or favor it. Whatever your stance may be, your entire debate and arguments are primarily about defending your stance. Therefore, you have to multitask, for instance, you have to emphasize those arguments or facts that favor the stance, but at the same time, you have to point out a shortcoming in the opposing side’s argument.

For a debate topic discussion, your introduction matters a lot. Introduction or the starting paragraphs of your essay set the tone of the entire discussion in the following discussion. Unfortunately, students and even professionals often cannot understand this basic requirement, and they finally ask others how I write my paper.

Debate at the college level is quite beneficial rather;, it is encouraged at the college level. However, there are certain rules for debate that need to be followed to result in multiple productive outcomes. If you are new to this area of interest, you should consult the paper writing service to understand the structure of debate essays and speeches properly.

As stated earlier that these topics are never constant, so the list of debate topics for 2021 is as follows

  • Should abortion be banned or allowed universally?
  • Should governments increase the education budget or slash it significantly?
  • Is it immoral to use animals for prior testing?
  • Nuclear weapons for all or none?
  • Humanitarian intervention: a reality or mere discourse?
  • How to become a good essay writer?
  • Putting an end to homework for students
  • Banning of plastic bags; economic murder of plastic industry
  • Should smoking be banned in public places?
  • Reducing the age bar of juvenile delinquency
  • Should the state be responsible for free education?
  • Is capitalism beneficial for a few or the masses?
  • Is the war on terror justified?
  • Sale of human organs to be legalized or not?
  • Social media a blessing or a curse?
  • What should be the purpose of arrest: punishment or rehabilitation?
  • Is declawing ethically right?
  • Should space be kept de-weaponized?
  • Is globalization chaos or a collective good?
  • Peer pressure advantageous or disadvantageous?
  • Wearing uniform in schools should not be mandatory
  • What is the best age to get married?
  • Going to Mars is beneficial or harmful?
  • Are robots changing the future outlook of humanity?
  • Is the global world order going to change with the rise of China?
  • How is the internet affecting our mental health?
  • In the age of technology, books are still the most authentic source of attaining knowledge
  • Wars are waged due to differences in ideology or economic interest?
  • Should religious studies be encouraged at the school level or not?
  • Social media increase or decrease socialization?
  • Should proxy wars be legalized at the international level?
  • Need of the hour to alter the structure of the UN Security Council?
  • International monetary banks are aid or trap the underdeveloped states with the loan?

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