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Why are most students terrified of writing book reports? Simply, book writing is a challenging task as students have to read the whole book to write a good report. Book reports are simpler and less detailed than book reviews but still, it is a dreading task. Book reports are more focused on the summary of the book as compared to book reviews which are more focused on the evaluation of the book.

The task of writing a book report is a nightmare for students who are not a big fan of book reading. Report writing can also be considered as an opportunity for such students to develop their love for book reading. This is the reason that most of the time, teachers give students the liberty to choose a book of their liking.

While selecting the book, you should not look at the number of pages but the topic of the book. Most of the students select a book with minimum pages but later find out that they have no interest in that book and it becomes even harder for them to read. Therefore, always select a book that you find interesting, even if it is thicker than many other books. If you like the book, you will finish reading it in no time.

Oftentimes, professors do not give students the liberty to choose a book of their liking and just assign them a book. In such cases, many students find the book uninteresting or quite difficult that they are unable to wrap their heads around the thought of reading the whole book. If you happen to be in such a situation, you should take help from the paper writing service. They have professionals, whose job is writing essays. They are mostly voracious book readers and might have already read your book.

If you are lucky and get to write a report on a book of your liking, you should read the book first. You should make notes to highlight important points in the book. You should keep in mind that you have to summarize the book in your report. Therefore, highlight every significant event in the plot and all the plot twists.

Like an essay, your book report also needs to be well-structured. If you are a good essay writer, you will know that just like an essay book reports also consist of three sections:


You start off by providing the name of the book, the author(s), and the necessary publishing details. Then you give a brief overview of the book and at the end of the introduction, you tell the reader about the central idea of the book.


In several paragraphs, depending upon the length and organization of the book, you provide a summary of the plot, setting, character, and themes of the book. You should write the summary while considering that your readers have not read the book.

Writing a book report can be a tedious and time-consuming process, but there are plenty of essay service providers who will write them for you. Simply say write my paper and leave all the work on them.


Here you give a brief evaluation of the book. While referring to points discussed in the introduction and summary, you tell the readers if you liked the book or not.

Before handing over the book report to your teacher you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have I correctly provided the publication details of the book?
  • Have I written the summary according to the organization of the book?
  • Have I been able to deliver the main idea of the book to the reader?
  • Have I discussed all the important plot developments and characters in the summary?
  • Am I missing an important point or event in the summary?
  • Have I successfully resisted the inclusion of my opinion and biases in the summary?
  • Is it free of grammatical errors?

If you nod your head in affirmation to all these questions, you should forward your book report to your respective professor. You can rely on a reliable essay service to handle all of your write my essay requests.

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