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Academics have divided essays into different types so that the literature can be covered from different aspects. It helps writers to interpret one scenario from different angles to help the reader to have a broader understanding of a topic. Writing an essay can be difficult but it can seem like a piece of cake too only if an essay writer knows all techniques and principles to apply.

From high school to university education the content, analysis, and depth of your essay may vary vastly. Your essay in the university should be extraordinary while in high school there is no such restriction.

Writing a critical essay is not possible without critical reading in which you have to make sure to explore a topic with positive and negative attributes. Give your analysis at the end and make sure to discuss every aspect of your topic. While writing an essay you have to follow the standard format which begins with an essay introduction followed by a body and a conclusion. You would present your main argument in body paragraphs by making sure that they would not overlap with other ideas. Or you can always ask others to write my essay.

Tips for critical reading

· Remember that critical reading is not just a normal reading; rather you have to look for an objective view on the topic. Whether you are a writer or reader make sure to view your material objectively so that you can present concrete arguments.

· The secondary goal of your reading is to provide complete and consistent analysis which is only possible if you thoroughly complete your critical reading. Try to get data from both primary and secondary sources only then you would be able to critically analyze it.

· During the critical reading make sure to assess the author’s work from different aspects. He must have left something unexplained which you can identify in your writing. You can criticize him but diplomatically and avoid bluntness.

· You can also apply SWOT analysis during reading, I am sure you would find many missing points which you can highlight in your research essay. Make sure your points are valid otherwise it would be tough for you to justify your view. You can quote journal articles from other authors so that you can have a valid ground for criticism.

Steps for critical reading

Step 1: Expect the unexpected

For good critical reading, you have to go through many journal articles. It is not certain that you would find the desired data from the first few articles; such a situation might become difficult to handle. Make your mind that you may have to read some extra articles only then you would be able to critically analyze a topic. If you are confused about analyzing an idea. get help from a paper writing service now.

Step 2: Strong understanding and source material

Your source material can be a book, a journal article, or a film and you may have to extract data from it. Make sure to write important points that would help you to justify your point and critically evaluate the given topic.

Step 3: Uncover the primary challenges

You may find some challenges while reading an article or watching a movie just identify them and write them down. Now think from a different aspect that why the author has left some gaps in his research. It would help you to critically evaluate your work.

Step 4: Solutions and their problems

Your critical reading would enable you to identify some problems with proposing some potential solutions. But your solutions should be specific so that your reader does not get confused. For example, if you have prepared psychoanalytical criticism for a research paper make sure to give some alternate references too. It would add credibility and authenticity to your research.

These are some simple techniques for the critical evaluation of reading. If you find it difficult to follow, you can explore other options too like hiring an essay writing service for your assignments. I am sure you would get a perfectly written critical analysis that would help you write a good one on your own.

Best of luck with your paper.

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