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Since the start of the world, communication has been the key to solving issues. When a thing is communicated properly, it moves the heart of the audience. Similarly in debates, you need to hit the audience at its core and make them agree with you on something on which they hold an opposite opinion. While debating, there is a good chance that you'll offend someone and cause conflict. To avoid that, you need to present your debate in a way that is civilized and based on evidence strong enough to convince people of something. This is especially important if you’re debating on a high-importance social issue.

Delivering a strong debate requires many things and choosing a good and needed topic is one of them. So what better option can you get than debating on a social problem and bringing a change in society through the power of your words? In this guide, we’ve gathered a list of debate topics on a social problem that our society is still facing in 2021. Continue reading if you are looking for a topic for your debate as well. Otherwise, you can also hire experts to cater to your write essay for me requests.

Before jumping onto the list of topics from the best paper writing service, let me just tell you how to deliver an influential debate. First thing first, research your topic and prepare your arguments. Write your debate just like you write your essays. If you know how to start an essay then starting a debate will probably be a piece of cake for you. I’d suggest that you choose to debate on a topic that is relatable to you on personal grounds and you feel strongly about it.

List of Topics on Social Problems

Below is the list of topics on social issues. Feel free to choose any of them for your next debate or get an idea and make one of your own. Otherwise, you can also hire a professional ‘write my paper’ service if you are confused.

  1. Complete ban of plastic products
  2. Video Games that promote violence in kids should be banned
  3. Juveniles should be shown leniency
  4. Human cloning should be completed banned
  5. Abortion should be legalized in all states of a country.
  6. Cruelty products should be banned
  7. The minimum wage of laborers should be increased
  8. Voting should be made mandatory for every citizen of legal age
  9. The need for strict actions on climate change threat
  10. Abolishment of the death penalty.
  11. Smoking should be prohibited in all public places
  12. Internet should be kept neutralized and regulated
  13. Student’s education loans should be eliminated
  14. Provision of Higher Education through state funds
  15. Leniency should be shown in-laws regarding the sale of human organs
  16. Restricted use of social media
  17. Abolishment of standardized tests
  18. Everyone should be given the right to free speech.
  19. Need for sexual education for children
  20. Abolishment of zoos and aquariums
  21. COVID-19 vaccination should be available to all, free of cost.
  22. The need for strict laws to combat overpopulation
  23. Strict laws to handle corporal punishments by parents.
  24. Strict laws on gun control
  25. Keeping a gun should be illegalized

The above list hits different aspects of social issues still prevalent in our society. All of them need to be addressed in a way that persuades the decision-makers to make a decision required to bring social reforms. If you wish to deliver a persuasive debate then you must know how to compose one. A good essay writer knows how to build an argument solely on evidence and not on personal views. Do not sound biased.

Hopefully, you'll find something from the above list that you feel strongly about and will be able to deliver it perfectly.

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