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There are many types of essay and each deals with a unique subject matter. In one way it is a good thing as for your ease you can pick any type you like or which would cover your topic better. Sometimes it is solely on your discretion which type of essay you want to write. Most of the time your professor would ask to write a particular form of essay that is why you need to learn all principles. The method of writing a particular essay can be different and so its purpose.

If you are writing an argumentative essay then you have to justify your position backed by facts and figures. In the case of a persuasive essay, you can also use your ideas and opinions to convince your audience. You can observe that these two are slightly different in terms of information. The basic structure of an essay remains the same as the introduction, body, and conclusion. It is the body where you would make most of the changes. When it comes to a definition essay it actually refers to defining an idea, a concept, or a term beyond the meaning of the literal definition.

In this essay try to cover the denotative and connotative meaning of a topic as well including specific information backed by examples to clarify your position. For some students, essay writing can be a piece of cake but for others, it is a difficult task to manage. In this article, I will mention some tips for essay writing online. I am sure by following these you would be able to write a good essay; even your professor would be amazed by its quality and content. Make sure that you follow all principles and do not ignore anything. Without further ado here are some tips:

Choosing the right world

  1. 1. Abstract word: An abstract word might give you nothing to write on. Try to find a complex and concrete word. In this case, you would have more data to explore i.e. do not pick a noun as you cannot explore it. Try to pick home instead of house because it is a structure while the home is a concept.
  2. 2. Choose a disputable word: It means a word that different people take differently. It means in your essay you would analyze a word from your perspective and its meaning should be unique.
  3. 3. Choose a familiar word: For you, the word should be familiar because you have to elaborate it later. You can indeed have an understanding of it after choosing but remember that background knowledge is also important.

Structure of your essay

  1. 1. Standard definition: In the introduction paragraph clearly state your word with a dictionary and traditional meaning. It would help you to create a context for definition including new meaning which you would derive.
  2. 2. Thesis statement: It would be the last part of your introduction paragraph in which you would define the word with your meaning. Keep the definition brief and elaborate on it in body paragraphs. In case of any confusion, ask others to write my paper for me.
  3. 3. Define your words in parts: It would help you to cover every aspect of the word. You can divide the emergence and evolution of your word depending upon the period. It is not possible to use all methods just try to stick with basic ones.
  4. 4. Summary of main points or conclusion: This part should not be elaborative rather pick the main idea from the body paragraphs and write here.
  5. 5. What you achieved: It is not mandatory to mention that what you learned from the new definition. But if you do it would give a deep meaning to your essay. You can also mention your personal experience which you learned from the new definition.

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