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When considering descriptions, you must be able to fully explain something to the maximum extent. The aim is to give the readers something to think about and imagine. Even if it is their first time, they must be able to see it through your eyes. Now, remember, you must obey all the rules of a regular essay but with certain characteristics of each essay type.

A descriptive essay is the one where you would be examining any element and then producing a detailed account of it. It could be a person, an event, or even a place. Among many descriptive essay examples, here is a little sneak into one about “love’. Sounds interesting right? Well, let's take a look or you can ask others to write my essay.

Descriptive Essay

A feeling of affection, closeness, and bonding tends to develop between people. It all starts from childhood where children tend to be inclined towards their parents. Gradually, love changes many shapes. It is between friends, between two partners, between people and inanimate things and many more examples can be found. Love is a feeling and a sensation that is hard to describe but a person knows exactly when it is taking place. Humans have been built around emotions and it is because of these emotions that we tend to show certain levels of closeness to other people. Love is a characteristic of humans that tends to develop close and unbreakable bonds between people as well as other entities and is depicted with actions and words.

When talking about love, the main focus should be on that which exists between people. Love is characterized by the care one shows towards the other. One thing is for certain that this sensation automatically developed without even trying. Parents, after holding the newborn, are automatically drawn towards beauty. This allows them to take care of the little one and fulfill all its needs and requirements. Similarly, one-two partners feel like there is a certain connection, they tend to spend time, get to know, and then ultimately try to bind into a relationship. This shows the power of love as people tend to sacrifice things in order to be with the one they love.

Another form of love exists that arises when a person has a true passion for something. If a person has a hobby or a job that they adore, gradually the term love is used for the attachment they have with that particular activity. Such love demands much more time as, without it, a person cannot explore it further. If people love what they do, they try to work hard day and night in order to perfect that element. Consider an artist loving painting and the creations that might have been crafted. Similarly, a musician falling in love with the lyrics or the music that has been developed for a song. This goes to show that love is a very vast term and cannot be placed in just a single specific category.

Love is expressed in a variety of ways but one thing that stands tall above all others is time. Whether it is between partners or a hobby or anything else in between. There has to be a certain element of the relationship that develops and that essentially demands spending time in the company of that particular entity. There are other things that do accompany as well such as care, fulfilling needs, and others but the balance tilts in the favor of time. Nothing happens in an instant. A mother has to take care of the child before delivery for months and that is the time that creates love. A person has to master a craft in years and that is the time invested in reaching the pinnacle.

As mentioned, since love forms a very close bonding, violating this results in a feeling of agony and despair. There might be few feelings that could replicate the scars that are given a relationship based on love being broken. If such a thing happens, people lose track of everything and begin to question whatever they see in front of them. Refreshing the feeling is a very difficult task and may require much time for rehabilitation. Even though there is no physical pain attached, there is much mental torture to feel unloved. This shows just how deep one has to go in order to come out successful.

Love is not a physical entity but rather it is a feeling that is generated among entities over a period of time. This develops into something very deep that might be hard to express through words. Whatever the case may be, the end result is a special inclination towards the other entity. Those who have experienced this know very well what it takes to complete the responsibility to uphold the real meaning of love. The end result is something really beautiful as it is the reward for sticking to a goal and trying to achieve it. Love is like the ultimate end that finishes in contentment and happiness.

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