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A descriptive essay aims to describe and provide information on different things, places, personalities, and ideas, etc. Most of the time, descriptive essays are the depiction of personal feelings, thoughts, observations, and experiences of and by the writer. When writing a descriptive custom essay on Educational Technology, it is good to first craft the outlines so that the essay may turn to be a well-structured and organized one in the end.

For many students, writing outlines prove to be a hassle and they run after others to help them out in writing outlines. This blog is going to provide a silhouette with guidelines on how to write an outline for a descriptive essay and explanations of its various sections, headings, and subheadings. Read it carefully and you will learn to write a well-structured outline. On the other hand, you can also ask others to write my essay online.

General Outline Structure for Educational Technology Essay

  1. I. Introduction
    1. Information on the Educational Technology with background and context
    2. Thesis statement
  2. II. Explanation / Main Essay

    Body Paragraph 1 – Types of Educational Technologies

    1. Software & Hardware Tools for Presentations
    2. Multimedia Devices such as Auditory and Visual Aids
    3. The Internet and its utilization in education
    4. Digital and Web Boards etc.

    Body Paragraph 2 – Scopes, Benefits, and Utilization of Educational Technologies

    1. Scope of Educational Technologies
    2. Benefits of Educational Technologies
    3. Utilization and Precautions

    Body Paragraph 3 – Pros, Cons, Morals, and Ethics

    1. Pros and Cons of various Educational Technologies
    2. Morals and Ethical Issues
    3. Probable Solutions
  3. III. Conclusion
    1. Restate the thesis statement
    2. Summarize and conclude the discussion with a positive note

Explanation of the Outlines

Introduction: The first introductory paragraph may open with brief and precise background information and context of the topic i.e. Educational Technology.

Thesis Statement: It is essential to write a clear thesis statement to let the readers know the major goal, purpose, and objectives of the essay. A heading of a thesis statement in the descriptive essay outline shows that it is an important element of the essay. If you are confused about writing a strong statement, consult an online service and pay for essay.

Body Paragraphs

Paragraph – 1

In the first body paragraph, you will write about how many educational technologies are available and in use at schools and colleges. There may be numberless technologies and your essay may not cover all of them. But you must consider the major and important ones. So, describe some most important and common educational technologies in the first paragraph.

Paragraph – 2

The second paragraph in this essay will be the most important one as it will reflect the scope, utilization, and benefits of the educational technologies. You may break the information in this section into small passages where the scopes, benefits, and utilization of various educational technologies may be written separately but precisely. You may also explain the best and appropriate utilization of these technologies as well as certain precautions required in using them.

Paragraph – 3

In the third and last body paragraph, you may write about the pros and cons, moral and ethical issues, and proposed solutions to the problems, etc. While writing about the pros and cons, you may consider some major negative and positive aspects of the educational technologies as going in detail will increase the length of the essay losing its main focus. Hence, write about the moral and ethical concerns and problems associated with the use of these technologies and how they can have negative impacts on students. Along with this, you must also write some proposed solutions to these problems and what types of measures the schools can adopt and deploy to avoid such problems.


In conclusion, you have to restate the thesis statement and the claim you made in the introductory paragraph. Afterward, briefly summarize your discussion by highlighting the major points and most important elements that may help you to conclude and prove your claim. Try to end your conclusion and the essay with a positive note or a suggestion for improvement. Try not to prolong your conclusion as it is not recommended to write a lengthy conclusion given they are short, precise, brief, comprehensive, and decisive.

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