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Essay writing is a major part of every student’s academic journey. It is hugely important if you are planning to take writing as your career after graduation. Writing an essay is like analyzing your soul. It is so because you have to present yourself logically when writing an essay. Writing an essay also helps you strengthen your writing skills and enhance your vocabulary.

Last but not the least, essay writing enables you to showcase your knowledge and understanding about a particular topic. But unfortunately, many students take the task of writing an essay as a boring and difficult task. But it is not so. It should be kept in mind that the successful completion of an essay or paper depends on a well-structured outline.

Every kind of essay has its own structure. The same is the case with a persuasive essay. Additionally, an outline is a source that enables an essay writer to stay in order while writing. Due to such huge importance, this article guides you about the rules of developing a well-structured outline for your persuasive essay.

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Pre-writing process

Every essay writing task begins with thorough preparation. Essay writing is not only writing or typing what you have in mind. But you must have tasks to perform before starting your essay. You have them even before you create your persuasive essay outline. Before you start writing your outline, make sure that you choose your argument or position. After this, know your audience (people who will read your essay). Also, do your research and find out the most convincing evidence.

Developing the outline

You have chosen your argument, did in-depth research, found the most crucial evidence! Perfect! This is the time to develop an outline for your essay. The process of developing an outline for your essay involves the following rules.

  1. 1. Introduction

    The introduction is not something you only have to get over it. But it is the section that catches the attention of the reader. It is one of the most important parts of your essay. When developing an introduction section in the outline of your essay, follow the below components.

    Hook: A strong and attention-grabbing hook catches the reader to read the whole essay. It is the first sentence of your essay which may be a quote, a statement, a fact, or a question.

    Target audience: Defining your audience in the introduction is hugely important. But it could not be done with perfection if you do not figure it out in the outline. Hence, always define and state your target audience in the outline.

    Thesis statement: The thesis statement is like the backbone of your essay. Due to such significance, you must state it when developing your outline. This is the place where you should state your viewpoint or argument you are going to take.

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  2. 2. Body Part

    The body part is the descriptive part of your essay. This part must contain details of your main points. The number of paragraphs in this part depends on your topic. But generally, there are three (3) paragraphs of the body part. But as mentioned, it mainly depends on the main topic, a number of supporting evidence, and a greater deal of proof.

    In your outline, you must include the following points:

    1st Paragraph

    • Find and state your first argument
    • List out examples that will be used in the essay to support the argument
    • Write a transition sentence

    2nd Paragraph

    • Find and state your second argument
    • List out examples that will be used in the essay to support the argument
    • Write a transition sentence

    3rd Paragraph

    • Find and state your third argument
    • List out examples that will be used in the essay to support the argument
    • Write a transition sentence
  3. 3. Conclusion

    The conclusion is a crucial part of your essay. It is the section that leaves the reader to think after reading the essay. Put the following in your outline;

    • Restate the thesis statement
    • Summarize and state main arguments of your essay
    • Make a closing statement

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