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Writing is indeed an essential part of the academic journey. Specifically, discussing writing a research paper it is a key to measure an individual’s mastery in the respective subject. Usually, at the end of the course, students are required to write a research paper. With this, the professors can not only test their knowledge of the subject but also check the writing and research conducting skills of the students.

In many institutes, research papers are worth a lot of points. Therefore it is necessary to pay keen attention to the writing process as nobody likes to lose grades. If you are assigned a task to write a research paper, then remember to stop panicking and keep calm.

Most of the time students in a panic make mistakes and thus turn up a paper full of mistakes. Therefore, it is recommended to stay calm and select a topic. Finding a good topic is the first step to begin the writing process. However, here is a catch. An essay writer after selecting a topic starts the writing process and thus ends up with a paper that is not well organized.

If you want to write an effective paper, then the best solution is to create an outline first. An outline not only serves as a to-do list but helps in logically organizing ideas to ensure cohesion.

Do you want to know more about how to create a research paper outline? If yes, then you are the right place. Follow the tips below to create an effective outline that will lead you to craft an effective research paper or you can ask others to write my essay for me.


To write a paper you need to find a topic that is easier to comprehend and you have background information about it as well. You need to pick a topic or develop a research question that isn’t too broad. In your title, mention your topic so the reader has an idea of what they will be reading about.


This part serves as a summary. You need to first tell readers about your topic and then let them know what your research paper will be about and how you are planning to pursue the research question. You need to mention the outcomes of the research as well.


This is the part where you introduce your topic. It is recommended to start with a catchy hook that comprises statistical facts, quotations, or even a question. This way you can grab readers’ attention much faster.

In the introduction, you need to give background information on the topic as well since readers aren’t familiar with the topic. After providing background information you are required to write a thesis statement that will tell what your research will be about and how you will be exploring the topic.

Tip: Make a clear and concise thesis statement to ensure clarity. Similarly, you can always get help from a write my paper service at affordable rates.

Body paragraphs

Start the body paragraph with a topic sentence and then explain it with sufficient evidence from the authentic sources. You can divide body paragraphs and then present the research methodology and the findings of the research conducted.

If you have conducted a survey or an experiment make sure to present every major or minor detail as well.


This is your last chance to make an impression. All you need to do is restate the thesis statement and then present the results and your interpretations. Don’t present any new ideas; rather summarize the above-mentioned ideas and share your analysis.

Creating an outline was a daunting task. But believe me, once you nail the outlining process you can easily start the writing process. If you need some help in outlining then I suggest you try an essay writing service. They have professional writers who can help you create an outline and can even craft a research paper for you.

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