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There are many types of essays, and each has its tips and tricks; the same goes for argumentative essays. An argumentative essay involves a debate about a controversial topic that involves two sides. There are strong arguments on both sides, and each side has the claim that they are more logical and objective.

When starting such an essay, the author needs to read the essay’s topic and underline the important point that is to be discussed. Often an essay writer is confused or chooses a relatively unnecessary point as their focus, which should be avoided. Once this process is completed, the next step is to brainstorm and find out points in favor or against the topic. When you realize that you have ample knowledge on any one side, make a final decision whether you have to argue in favor of the topic or against it.

The key to writing an argumentative essay is not to rush it. The more you hurry, the more unorganized the essay will be. So, take 5-10 minutes before writing and make notes of the points you would discuss. Make sure that your information is relevant and logical. Do not try to drag the paper with irrelevant information because it would not leave a good impression on the reader. Every person has his inclinations, but you have to consider that no emotions should be included in the paper. At no point in time should the reader should assume that you are getting emotional; rather, your focus should be on logic

At the start of the essay, it is unnecessary to quote anything because you have to cite sources or books later. An introduction is mostly preferred, as it would set the ground for discussion. The introduction is like the first impression, so make an effort to make it impressive.

Don’t jump to the conclusion right at the start; instead, keep it simple and gentle. Build a case in favor of your argument, and wherever possible, support it with an example. More objectivity would be evident whenever examples support the argument. The reader would be more captivated, and interest would not be lost. While citing any example, try to link it with your stance by writing things like, “I believe.”

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This combo should be maintained throughout the essay. While emphasizing your stance’s positive aspects, try to jot down the pitfalls in the opposing side’s arguments. By doing so, the reason behind your support for an argument would be more evident, and the essay would appear to be smooth sailing.

In the main body, use the notes that you have jotted down. Take a minute to decide which argument is the strongest of all. Keep the strongest point on top in your essay because you would have command on that argument, and the reader would feel that an expert is giving his opinion. The same approach should be adopted while writing the counterarguments. The major flaw in the counterarguments should be on top of the list, just like the strategy in writing down your strong arguments first.

While writing the essay, don’t consider it the last time someone would be writing on that topic. Be honest and logical so that your strong points are not easy to debunk by someone else in the future. By doing so, you would develop such expertise in writing that you could write a custom essay on any topic you choose.

The third step in the main body should be to dispute the counterarguments. First, write the counterarguments and then link them with your responses by using words like “but,” “in retrospect,” “although,” etc. Your thesis statement must be restated with more creativity at your essay’s conclusion rather than simply pasting the same thesis statement of the introduction. Following these tips and tricks always allows me to write my essay with much ease and clarity than before, and I’m sure it would help you in the same way.

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