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Abstract and executive summary are two terms that should be understood clearly but with a difference. By the main conception, the abstract is a piece of writing that summaries research work. While executive summaries are written in order to recapitulate different reports. As well as other short documents that sum up long reports. These are the basic points you can know about the difference between executive summary and abstract.

But there is a lot more about this difference. Or about the difference between an abstract and an executive summary. An abstract is written by an essay writer with the objective to let the reader know the general picture of the paper (research paper). An abstract is also known as a short form of the whole or completed research paper.

Moreover, abstracts are developed/written for orientation and direction. While executive summaries are developed as forms of strong and brief description. In addition to this, an executive summary is written using non-technical language. While technical language is used when it comes to writing an abstract of a research paper.

Every college student gets assigned a large number of papers during their college education. Hence, they get the task of writing abstracts as well as executive summaries for those papers. But it is true that some students are good at writing an abstract while some are experts in writing executive summaries.

For this reason, we always suggest students get assistance all the time for the writing task in hand. For example, never forget to ask your teacher/instructor about how to write an abstract if you are weak in composing a good quality abstract. While the same applies if you cannot write a masterful and exceptional executive summary of your paper or you can ask others to write my essay.

Major Points of Difference

The Abstract

  1. An abstract is used to preface articles and research reports or papers because abstract works as a general overview of the whole text as well as passage.
  2. An abstract is also (sometimes) called a synopsis that leads the target audience or reader to the body section of the text. Professional writers call abstracts is a text about a text.
  3. An abstract is a writing piece that provides a commentary on the work that flows from the start to the final statement (end).
  4. An abstract is written in 0.5 to 1 page where every sentence brings and introduces new facts and information. Hence, it works to accomplish a concise and clear summary without rephrasing.
  5. An abstract is written when the writer gets done with the writing of the article or paper because an abstract requires a writer to have a detailed overview of the whole paper or report.

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The Executive Summary

  1. As mentioned earlier, an executive summary is usually written for business reports. One of the main purposes of an executive summary is to give an in-depth summary of the report to the reader.
  2. An executive summary is written to give the executive committee of an organization a concise outline of all main and major points of a business report.
  3. An executive summary clearly indicates that where the details about a particular point are located in the report.
  4. An executive summary may be of more than one (1) or two (2) based on the length of a report. It may include dot points as well as headings.
  5. Like an abstract, an executive summary is concise and offers a commentary on all major points. But it strictly follows the sequence of the report.

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