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Do you know there are many things similar yet different in research? Well, yes, the most common of those things are annotated bibliographies and literature reviews. This is an interesting activity to write annotations and literature reviews. Why? Because of these two procedures, you can serve the essence of a research article to your readers. These two activities also help you in carrying out your research as well. You can ask someone to write essay for me if you have no time to complete the assignment on time.

First of all, it is very important to know the difference between a literature review and an annotated bibliography. These two things are similar yet contrasting in nature. If you do not know the difference between these two, then congratulations; you are at the right place to know the right difference. Below is the guide to let you understand the stark difference between literature review and annotated bibliography:

  • First of all, the purpose of the literature review is to get knowledge of all of the research conducted on the specific topic and finding the research gaps. The literature review can be extensive, and there is no specified limit to review the data. As the name implies, the literature review is a review, not a description. It is more kind of an analysis and explanation of different articles on the same research topic.
  • Secondly, an annotated bibliography is a limited explanation or description of what is written in a specific article. One annotation is limited to only specific articles, and the focus of the annotation is on the findings of the researcher. It does not review or find the research gaps as opposed to a literature review. So annotation is more like a summary of an article within a limited number of words and focusing majorly on the findings and methodology of that specific paper.

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So as you know, the internet has everything you are looking for; you can look for annotations and literature review examples from there as well. It is only you who keeps holding yourself back from learning. A learner and a positive attitude will always guarantee your success. On the internet, there are many service providers that can give you annotated bibliography example to provide you assistance with your research and work.

All you require is to have higher self-esteem, a positive learners’ attitude, flexibility in accepting your shortcomings, and eagerness to improve yourself. Only then will you be able to learn the stark difference between annotated bibliography and a literature review. Life is never too hard but just can't get complicated sometimes, but it all depends on how smartly you figure out the differences that life offers.

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Best of luck!

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