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Essay writing is a daunting task for many students but it gets really difficult for the non-native speaker students. English as a Foreign Language Learners (EFL) has to face a lot of problems while settling and getting lessons in the English language. However, when it comes to writing essays in the English language they face a lot more difficulties. Can an essay writer imagine writing an essay in a foreign language that he does not fully understand?

English is the lingua franca. A lot of people who do not understand English are trying to learn it. For this many students enter colleges that teach only in English. These EFL students face a plethora of difficulties in the use of the English language, both in speaking and writing. EFL students must have vast knowledge and ideas but at times they face critical essay writing problems, so in order to overcome all those problems they must consider the following points. This will help them to attain the required level of confidence that would encourage them to write a better essay. If you are still confused, you can always ask others to write my essay for me.

Writing is not speaking

While many EFL students can be good at speaking, writing is very different from speaking. Where in speaking, the audience is not only focusing on your words but is also looking at your body language and facial expressions, so they understand what you are trying to say. However, in essay writing, you would not be standing beside your instructor to clarify him/her, what you meant by a sentence. In essay writing, your words will speak for you. Therefore, delivering a clear and concise message through writing could be an intimidating task for EFL students.


How wide is the vocabulary of an EFL student? Mostly students who have English as a second language do not have a much wider vocabulary and whatever vocabulary they have is full of informal words that are helpful in general speaking but a challenge in essay writing. Essay writing is an academic activity and needs formal vocabulary, which is lacked by EFL students. Moreover, students are always tempted to use difficult and sophisticated words to make a good impression on their teachers. But it is most likely that EFL students do not have much understanding of these words so they end up writing an incoherent text that makes no meaning.

Writing conventions and grammar rules

EFL students had been speaking and writing a completely different language throughout their lives. They are new to the English language and have no idea about its writing convention and grammar rules. They do not know how to use punctuation marks appropriately, therefore, they fail to deliver their thoughts and message clearly, through their words. However, it gets difficult for the teachers to make sense of what the student is trying to say in the essay and ends up giving them bad grades. Mastering the grammar rules and appropriate use of punctuation is very challenging for EFL learners.

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Lack of trained instructors in EFL classes

Teaching a language should not be treated like other subjects such as teaching science or history. Unfortunately, many teachers are teaching English like any other subject. Therefore, although most of the teachers of the English language have a degree in the English language, they lack the training to teach it as a language. Therefore, the way of teaching English is also problematic at most of the schools, which adds to the problems of the EFL students. Many of these teachers teach English in their native language, which does not help the students in increasing their English speaking or writing skills.

Lack of practice among EFL Learners

One other major problem faced by EFL learners is that they lack an environment in which they can easily practice their English language. As discussed earlier, even the teachers are using the native language, so the students shy away from writing or speaking in the English language.

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