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There are many exercises undertaken by the students during their academic tenure. Thesis and dissertation writing is one of the most important among them. There are various skills required to complete a thesis successfully. In the following lines, we will relate all parts of the thesis to two major skills. Skillful research and deadline management.

Choosing the topic

The topic of the thesis can be chosen with skillful research. The start of this research can be taken from the interests of the writer. You can note down some fields which seem the most interesting for you. After noting down these fields, you can note down the topics available under each field. The research will clarify the topics within these fields which are most researched. One way of selecting the topic is to look at the current issues going through. A wide variety of research can be found on Covid-19 which is affecting the whole world. In terms of deadline management, the choice of topic serves two purposes. Firstly, an essay writer should take the topic confirmation from the instructor within the stipulated time and the topic should not be too wide that it cannot be finished within the time provided for it.


The introduction provides the initial information to the readers about the topic. When you ask someone to write my essay, you will have to provide them with full information regarding the topic and requirements. This section provides the reason for taking up the topic for research. Another purpose of this section is to develop the thesis statement for the student. This statement will be tested with the help of data and analysis. In terms of research, this section is very important because the student will have to find out the reasons for selecting the topic. The reason for doing research may be to compare a present situation to the past or testing the results of some past research. This section will go from general to specific which means that the topic will be developed through the discussion. In terms of time management, a student should make sure that this section is completed within the time specified for it.

Literature Review

The literature review is the most difficult section of a thesis. The research skills are tested at the maximum in this section. Many online platforms provide a dissertation or a paper writing service with a properly researched literature review. The writer has to justify with the help of research that there is a definite research gap to be catered to. The extraction of relevant and current research material is the basic requirement in this section. The writer should be able to add relevant information and cite it accordingly. Referencing is another very important aspect related to skillful research. This section also affects the time management regarding the thesis because developing the arguments takes time. It is advisable to think about the deadline that is one week shorter than the original time frame. This will allow the researcher to recheck the content before submission. At the end of the literature review, you may have to change the thesis statement a little.

Data analysis and conclusion

This is the last section of the thesis and requires a little research skill because almost all the research has been done in the previous sections. Time management can be a major problem at this stage because the results from data analysis may not come according to the expectations of the researcher. The researcher may have to run different tests on the data to make sure that the results help in answering the research question. The researcher should keep some extra time at hand when the data analysis and conclusion sections are prepared. The hypothesis may be rejected or accepted based on the data analysis but this decision should be backed by the research done by the writer. Lastly, you can ask an essay writing service to write a dissertation for you.

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