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Many different topics can be used to write a persuasive speech. Some local matters can help an essay writer to convince the readers about a certain issue. Changing the policies of a certain school or college may attract the attention of the local people. Something broader may include the claim that women and children trafficking should be banned. We have used the word, claim, many times and the types of persuasive speeches depend upon the claims made in them or you can ask others to write my essay.

Claims based on the definition

These claims are based on the classification of things or their denotations. We are claiming what a particular thing is or what it is not. These claims may take the following basic form:

A is (or is not) B because It possesses (does not possess) the features A, D, and G.

A person may be trying to persuade the class the massage performed on nude clients cannot be considered prostitution. You can define the message and prostitution one-by-one to clarify the difference.

Claims based on facts

These claims test the truth or fallacy of a declaration. Some of these claims are simple to prove because these have been well documented in various sources of secondary research. Most of the factual claims cannot be proven completely by the speaker. The truth of the fallacy of certain claims has not been discovered yet. The factual claim regarding the existence of higher power like God has been the most interesting in history. To answer this claim completely, faith should be involved in this claim. The claims based on some event in the future cannot be answered completely because there is not enough evidence to prove the claim. The role of a speaker is to present a claim and then defend it with the help of evidence.

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Claim based on policy

This claim includes the statement of a problem and the possible solution that can be implemented. Since there are many problems faced by individuals in society, policy claims are very common in persuasive speech. The following maybe some of the examples for policy claims

Capital punishment should be banned by the US

The use of foreign oil should be stopped by the US.

Both the above claims have a clear perspective that is put forward by the speaker. These claims should have a clear opinion about the changes required and how should they take place. Passive agreement and immediate action are the major goals of persuasive speech in this category. The passive agreement will allow the speaker to develop an agreement with the audience in terms of the claim. The audience is not required to do anything to enact the policy. The other form of policy claim requires immediate action from the audience to make sure that the problem is resolved. When you tell the audience about the steps required to solve a problem, your topic will become an immediate-action claim.

Claims based on the value

This is based on the judgment about something or an act. This claim judges the thing whether it is good, bad, moral, or immoral. These claims may be presented by a speaker and other participants can say the exact opposite to these statements. The audience should be able to judge the criteria used by the speaker to make a claim. If someone states that all forms of technology are immoral, they will also find online dating immoral as well. The criteria will allow the audience to understand and evaluate the claim. These claims may also be the most difficult to justify because the value system of each individual may be different.

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