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The debate is termed as the contest between two individuals and groups in which they represent their skills and abilities to argue on the given topic. In the debate, those who support the issue are known as affirmatives while those who oppose are known as the negatives. It is different from another kind of speech because it does not include the information but the speaker argues and defends his point of view and idea.

Many students do not know how to start an essay or a debate on any topic. There are many tips that the speakers and students can use while writing a debate on a specific topic. Some of the tips from the best paper writing service are as follows:


The basis of a good debate is its introduction. To set the tone of the debate there is a need for an effective introduction. To attract the attention of the readers the introduction needs to be peppy.

Area of Debate

The aim of writing a debate leads to the choice of area of debate. If the debate is for a collective team effort, the area of the debate can be political, impromptu or economic, etc. but if you are writing a debate for the competition the speakers are provided with the requirements.


In the debate, you may be asked to argue on the side to which you do not agree. Always research both sides of the issue. You should be aware of what the opponent is going to argue.

Main Points

Outline the main points of the debate. Points should be arranged in such a way that these can support your position. Explain your points to bend the support of the audience. Make different arguments supported by the examples and illustrations.

Support your Argument

Always use examples and facts to support your arguments. It makes the delivery of different viewpoints easy. Use such examples that are relevant to the topic.

Cue Cards

To remember small important things use cue cards. These cards should be used cleverly. You should use them in such a way that audiences cannot get to know that you are reading from the cards. Cards trigger the memory and remind us of important things.

Add Some Humor

Humour makes the debate attractive. If the audience responds to you, it will make the debate more interactive and interesting. You should add any funny anecdotes and funny lines in the debate.

Diversified Debate Topics

Be specific while choosing the debate topic. Some of the diversified debate topics from a ‘ write my paper’ service are as follows:

  1. Should the government ban human cloning?
  2. Should the space mission to Mars be sponsored by the government?
  3. Should the age limit of the voter be reduced?
  4. Should the law punish microaggressions?
  5. Should the tax be increased to improve the economy?
  6. Should steroids be allowed in sports?
  7. Should the educational curriculum be reformed?
  8. Should be cyberbullying be punished by law?
  9. Should students be judged on their handwriting?
  10. Should the testing system be abolished from schools?
  11. Should the internet be restricted to children?
  12. Should poetry be included in the curriculum?
  13. Should children be required to be vaccinated at an early age?
  14. Are video games making children violent?
  15. Should freedom of speech be provided to everyone?
  16. Is Aristocracy the best form of government?
  17. Should birth control pills be banned?
  18. Is vaping harmful for the youth?
  19. Should art performance be made compulsory in schools?
  20. Should school continue online classes?

A good essay writer or a speaker is one who knows the tips and techniques of writing. The above-mentioned topics can be used by the speakers for debate. If you are still confused, you can also hire experts to respond to your ‘ write essay for me’ requests.

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