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Debating is a lifelong skill that builds strong confidence and self-esteem in an essay writer . A successful debater can stand firm against any argument or trouble coming before him in his way to success. But it can benefit a person only if he has developed the debating skills carefully avoiding all the weakening points.

In this article, some important tips, tricks, the Dos, and the Don’ts of debate writing are given. Reading it carefully will make you realize the shortcomings in your writing and how you can improve them or you can ask others to write my essay.

The Dos & Don’ts

Do: Stay focused on your researched topic and information to support your argument

Don’t: Stray away from the main argument in an attempt to confuse your opponent.

Do: Keep arguing the claim with solid evidence and counterarguments.

Don’t: Attack the opponent and criticize him/her directly

Do: Note down important and strong points on your cue cards for a reminder and as a helper

Don’t: Read from the cue cards while debating. It gives a negative impression. Use them only as a guide or reminder.

Do: Directly speak to the opponent, the moderator, or the audience

Don’t: Speak to the jury, the judges, the chief guests, the teachers.

Do: Proper research to have a handful and strong resources to prove your claim

Don’t: Simply read your evidence or state the information. Argue and prove your claim with the power of your debating skills.

Do: Include entertaining tone and gestures. Make the argument a bit lighter and interesting.

Don’t: Use unsuitable gesticulations, language, or words that may embarrass you.

Tips & Tricks

The above Dos and Don’ts are really helpful, besides there could be countless others that may be situational and the debater may deal with them accordingly. Consider reviewing the following debate tips and tricks to prepare well for your debate speech so that you may not lack anything and may not show any weak aspects. If you are still confused, consult an essay writing service now.

  1. Develop a deep insight and good understanding of the topic for debate
  2. Stay completely aware of the norms, ethics, requirements, and agendas, etc. for the debate.
  3. Never directly write a debate speech without a prior understanding of the topic and conducting research work.
  4. Research work is essential given you cannot argue and prove your claim without sound knowledge and strong evidence that you can only find after proper research.
  5. Don’t use all of the resources you find in your research. Make a rough draft of all the resources and then pick up only the points that are of high value and authenticity.
  6. Craft a proper outline first before writing your speech. Consider the time allowed for the debate speech and your main objective while writing.
  7. Don’t simply put a lot of resources and arguments in your speech without considering the counterarguments from the opponent. In your research, you must also search for the counterargument on the topic and prepare yourself to defend your standpoint against those arguments.
  8. After writing your speech, read it carefully and thoroughly many times so that you may correct it if it is lacking something.
  9. Let your speech be checked by an expert or senior so that there may remain no weakness or lacking at all.
  10. After you have made sure that your debate speech is perfectly ready, start practicing it. You may ask your friend or siblings to help you by taking the place of your opponent so that you may develop complete understanding and confidence for the argument.
  11. While writing the speech and practicing it, keep an important point in mind that you may probably face fallacies and attempts to trigger you. So, you have to prepare yourself to stay cool-minded and relaxed. For this purpose, your speech should have ample resources and authentic evidence which will help you in staying focused on your argument and not to lose your nerves.

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