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Are you one of those students who can barely defend their opinions in between an argument? There are many students who have valid and strong argument points but they do not know how to say it or even pen it down properly. If you are amongst those students you do not have to worry because it isn't rocket science. An essay writer just has to learn a few tricks and techniques to be able to defend your argument and persuade others to believe in your opinion.

The reason you always hold back from writing an argumentative essay is that you may be doing something wrong. By something wrong, I mean you should revise your way of writing an argumentative essay to learn new and effective techniques to be able to convince the readers to believe in your viewpoint. I will share a few analytical essay examples for you to gain a better understanding regarding developing analytical arguments in your essays. You just have to focus on the development of the argument based on two primary conditions; it should be rational and valid. Or you can ask others to write my essay.

Strong reasoning Essay Examples


The first example offers strong reasoning on ideas for and against the death penalty. I will mention bellowing some argument examples for both sides

For the Death penalty

  • The death penalty should be allowed to deter crime and to ensure that no one dares to commit the murder ever again.
  • The murderer deserves capital punishment in order to serve justice
  • It is mandatory to exercise the death penalty because the criminal can do it again.

Against Death penalty

  • The death penalty is against human rights.
  • No one has a right to take anyone’s life
  • The death penalty does not stop people from committing crimes
  • Sometimes due to the mistakes made, someone is innocent gets killed

Example# 2

Should abortion be legal or not?

Arguments against abortion

  • Abortion is considered murder so it should not be allowed.
  • It is morally and ethically wrong.
  • It can cause severe health risks.

Arguments in favor of abortion

  • Women should have the liberty to make decisions about abortion.
  • Some women get pregnant due to rape and other causes, and they do not want to keep the child, so abortion should be allowed.
  • Sometimes giving birth can pose a threat to the physical and mental health of the women.
  • Some women are forced to have kids so they should have a right to abort the child.

You just have to defend your side, giving strong arguments using logos appeals. It is essential to know that requests involving pathos and ethos also help convince the audience to believe in your viewpoint. However, an argumentative essay will include using only logical reasoning, i.e, logos appeals. That’s where it differs from a persuasive essay.

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