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Any dissertation, no matter how long or how well-founded, is lost without a research question to guide it. But in an era where there are no restrictions to how much information you can access; developing a research question can be a tedious affair.

It is a challenge faced by many researchers and one that is truly devious to the uninitiated. That’s why students are often seen struggling with dissertation writing. A struggle that can come to an end if you take it to heart, the hacks to develop research questions mentioned down below.

Research Questions

To understand how to write your research question you must first understand their importance. A research question is a very compass that guides your entire dissertation and relevant processes.

It dictates the course you take in your research work and what goes in your subsequent dissertation. Similar to an essay writer, the introduction is where you give your readers a taste of what is to come. So, it is logical for the research question to go here as well.

Let the Hacking Begin

Types to Consider

It is important to remember that research questions can be of several different types and have a variety of themes. All of which depends upon what kind of research you want to do. To assist you in the matter, discussed below are various questions for different research types. With further details about what you should be trying to answer in the particular research.

  • A descriptive type of research would have questions enquiring about the characteristics of an entity.
  • Comparative research would entail asking about the similarities or dissimilarities between different things.
  • Research involving correlation typically asks questions exploring the relationship between two variables.
  • Action-based research directly asks questions that determine whether or not an action is plausible.

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Rules to Follow

Once you get the hang of the core concepts of a research question you begin to better understand the writing process. As such, below is a list of things to do while writing your research question.

  • Make sure your topic has a broad spectrum. This helps because you then have the option to go about your research in several ways. And you simultaneously get more flexibility in developing your research question.
  • However, if you straight away choose a very specific topic, you will undoubtedly limit yourself to one or two questions. Most of which you might not even want to consider or might not find relevant resources for.

  • Do some over-the-top research to get a feel for what you can talk about. When you get to know about something’s history; you immediately get an idea regarding what is unique about it and what hasn’t been answered.
  • Reviewing the different sources of data and material available is also a good thing to do. All of which helps you in the long run.

  • Boil your interests down to a single niche that you want to work on. Kind of like when you sit down and think I’ll just ask someone to write my essay for me. You brainstorm about what you like and then you get straight to smashing that keyboard.
  • Identify a particular theoretical or practical problem that you would like to solve. This is one of the best ways to go about writing research questions. Because you straight away get the question you have to answer. Just tweak the problem statement a bit and you get a research question ready to add to your dissertation.

And that just about covers all the bases. You know the different types of research questions and things to be mindful of. Now all that is left for you to do is put in the effort and watch the magic happen. And if you run into trouble, just do a little more research online.

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