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An opinion essay is the most common form of assignment. And it seems like a hard nut to crack to most of the students. Are you one of those students? Worry not! This article has everything you need to know about crafting meritorious opinion essays.

Keep in mind one thing, don’t let the long horrible essay prompt scare you!

An opinion essay is not that hefty a task if you have the right topic to work on and you have developed an outline before starting the actual essay.

Opinion essay Outline

The outline of an opinion essay is like any other typical essay. An introduction, body paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph. But in these sections, there is much more.


When it comes to an opinion essay, the introduction section becomes extremely important. Remember! The introduction can make or break your essay.

It is incomplete without three parts:

  • A hook
  • Your stance
  • A sound and logical thesis statement

Double-check your introduction for these elements. Do not miss any of these.

Body Paragraphs

The number of paragraphs in the body of the essay depends on your essay length. It can range from three to five, unusually. Every opinion essay requires you to research well and provide supporting evidence. But entire opinion essays depend on supporting facts and evidence.

For a perfect essay, take care of the following while making the essay outline:

  • Discuss one argument in each paragraph
  • A topic sentence has to be there in each para that tells the essay writer what the para is about
  • Every argument you make must be backed by evidence from external sources
  • Ensure a clear transition between the paragraphs

Follow this example:

Body Paragraph #1




Body Paragraph #2




Body Paragraph #3

Counter Argument



‘Counter-arguments’ is the most important ingredient of an opinion essay that most of the students forget to add. Keep in mind! Counterarguments will increase your reliability as a writer. Refute these arguments to make your position stronger. If you are confused about writing an introduction, get help from a paper writing service now.

Concluding paragraph

You have come a long way. Pat yourself on the back.

The last step is to end the essay with a persuasive conclusion. You must be thinking what makes a conclusion persuasive?

You have to close with where you started, restate the thesis, sum up whatever you said in the essay. Adding a small reflection is not a bad idea.

If you think you cannot write an effective opinion essay, just ask a professional writer online “can you write my essay?”. This will definitely help you ace your opinion essay assignment, for you can write your own opinion based on what you received from a professional writer.

These are a few things that you must keep in mind while writing an opinion essay.

  1. Always make it very clear that it is your opinion, and exactly what your opinion is. If people attack you in your opinion, then ambiguity can be a dangerous business as it’ll make it difficult for you to defend yourself.
  2. When you are done framing the points you’re going to make for your essay, take a good amount of time to be your own critic, and try to tear apart your points. Attack your own points and try to find every possible point that your real critics might attack you on, and then either amend those parts of your argument or come up with a suitable defense for them.
  3. Even if something is your opinion, try to have some solid facts/evidence to support your argument.
  4. If you can find an expert who has echoed a similar opinion in the past, you can use them to support your argument. Be careful that you only use their words as support for your argument. Many people just end up using other people’s arguments and that’s plagiarizing.
  5. Try to be assertive and firm in your arguments, and scathing in rejecting your opponent’s arguments, but don’t attack someone without logic or evidence to back you up. Simply saying, ‘X is wrong’ means nothing.

So, that’s it folk!

I hope the information will help you write an outstanding opinion-based essay. But you can also contact an online essay writing service if you don’t want to risk your grades.

Have fun!

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