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Dr House is currently working on the DNA samples, collected for the COVID-19 patients. Therefore, he is not present in the conference held by the WHO in the UK in Aug. 2020.

All of the bolded words in the above text are abbreviations. Not all of them have the same look because there are many different types of abbreviations. An abbreviation is a shortened version of the actual word or phrase. It could be created by many different methods. Initialism, acronyms and contractions (grammatical) are some different types of abbreviations.

While many types of abbreviations like acronyms and initialisms are widely used and accepted in a formal custom essay, the use of contractions is frowned upon. Many journals and citation styles guidelines restrict the use of contractions. However, the use of acronyms and initialisms should be done according to the rules of your university or whichever style guide you are following.

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Here some tips to ease down the difficulty of using abbreviation appropriately:

Using acronyms and initialisms: These are made by using the first alphabet of every word in the given phrase. Like “NATO” is made by using the first alphabet of each word of the “North Atlantic Treaty Organization.” This is widely used and allowed by various style guides to avoid the usage of longer terms again and again. However, on the first time you use it you should write the full phrase and then write the acronym in parenthesis. After that, you can freely use acronyms.

  • Use of articles before abbreviations: The use of indefinite articles before acronyms and initialisms are decided based on the sound of the abbreviation. The sound produced by the first alphabet is the determinant factor here. Like general grammar, we use the article “a” before a consonant sound and “an” before a vowel sound.
  • Putting a period at the end of abbreviations: This is quite confusing. This depends on the country of your residence. In the US, they put a period at the end of every abbreviation except the measurement units. However, in the UK, they put a period if the abbreviation is made up of the first few alphabets of the word (e.g. Aug. for August). However, if it is made by using the first and last alphabets of a word, no period is used (e.g. MR for Mister).
  • Abbreviating Doctor’s titles: You might be confused about choosing Dr. or MD for a doctor, you should know that M.D. is used as a contraction for a medical doctor, while Dr. is used for a non-medical doctor.
  • Common abbreviations: There are many abbreviations that you would have never seen fully spelled in writing (e.g. a.m., p.m.). Both am and pm is used in lowercase unless your style guide says otherwise. However, BC and AD are always used in capital letters. The usage of the period is optional.
  • Learning from a professional writer: one of the best tips that anyone can give you is to learn from a professional write my essay online service, who knows all the rules of abbreviations and others.
  • Using Latin abbreviations: Many Latin abbreviations have now become a part of the English language. For example etc. for et cetera. If such an abbreviation comes at the end of a sentence you are not supposed to put a double period. Always use a single period.
  • Putting period: You might have seen the usage of the period after each letter of an abbreviation. Except for certain rules, usage of the period is either optional or omitted.
  • Avoid RAS: It is a Redundant Acronym syndrome. You should avoid usage of redundant words (e.g. BBC corporation).

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