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Writing a good research paper is not a child’s play. As one sits down to choose a topic, organize and outline the thoughts, determine methodology from interpretations, cite sources, and write the first draught. There are no shortcuts to be taken.

At the same time, there is no need to worry and become anxious about the impending gloom of a research paper. If you have a good understanding of all the elements of a good and successful research paper the whole process can turn out to be a lot easier and simpler.

First, an essay writer should know the key to a successful service search paper. An effective research paper is a SMART one. Remembering this acronym is a very good way to identify the fundamentals of research paper writing. An impressive research proposal also ensures that the following criteria are being fulfilled. With these conditions, there is a greater possibility that the knowledge of the reader will increase.

What’s S?

A good research paper must be specific. The focus should be maintained on a particular subject matter and the reader should be engaged with the paper from start to finish.

What’s M?

The goals and objectives of an effective research paper should be measurable and must adhere to certain constraints.

What’s A?

The thesis statement and the research questions must be able to attain the answers given the nature of the research.

What’s R?

The content must be realistic. Valid evidence from reliable sources should be incorporated and sweeping statements should not be included.

What’s T?

There is a likelihood that the paper will lack the ability to answer the research questions if a proper timeline is not followed.

Keeping in view the above fundamental attributes of a good research paper, what are the necessary elements of a research paper that are also commonly confused?

Let’s take a look!

  1. Title / Provisional title: The word ‘provisional’ is of importance here because the title can be changed if the direction of research takes any turn.
  2. Table of contents: Page numbers of all the sections and subsections should be marked correctly
  3. Introduction: Providing a broader context and the situational analysis about the topic, this section introduces the reader about the subject matter and also gives a brief glance about how the paper will be executed gradually.
  4. Literature Review: A precise and brief survey about extensive scholarly knowledge on the topic. Must follow a specific pattern or should be thematic.
  5. Methodology: The processes through which data, evidence, and results are collected, analyzed, and calculated respectively are stated in this section in an organized manner. This section needs special attention as a weak or invalid methodology can lead to the loss of the researcher’s credibility.
  6. Results and discussion: This is where the author automatically follows through from the results and findings. A smooth transition must be ensured from the results to the substantiation of the conclusion. The discussion must be unbiased and free from any prejudice. In this section, the research questions should be answered and the responses must be in harmony with the thesis statement.
  7. Policy Implications: These are unspoken references about what might happen as a result of presenting the research paper to any concerned authorities or regulatory bodies.
  8. Conclusion: Summarizing the result and all major findings of the research, this section serves as a stop signal for the researcher. However, one thing must be taken into account that no new idea is introduced in this section.
  9. Bibliography / References: This section cites all the references or the scholarly studies that have been alluded to in the research paper.

These tips will help you craft a research paper. However, if you are still confused, get professional help from an essay writing service. They will guide you to write a perfect proposal in no time.

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