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Writing a thesis usually entails a long and arduous journey throughout which the writer needs to remain entirely focused. But no journey sounds worth hearing about if it doesn’t have an interesting and captivating beginning. You can also get help from someone by saying "write my essay for me."

A fact that holds true regardless of the setting. So, it's no surprise that even in thesis writing, a well-written introduction holds great importance. Which is something you have already realized but have no idea how to achieve. But don’t worry, because you can find the answer to that below.

What Your Thesis Should Have

Discussed below are some of the key elements that can be found in any well-written thesis. You will find it interesting to know that while the introduction comes at the start of the thesis, it doesn’t necessarily have to be written first. In fact, it is usually written in the end, along with the abstract.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a solid plan of action. Your thesis must not look like something a cheap essay writing service would come up with. And that is why it is best to have a rough draft of your introduction ready at the beginning. Which inevitably helps you keep your work focused and organized.

A Compelling Topic and Proper Context

Your introduction must start by mentioning the topic of your thesis. Which is then quickly followed by the relevant background information. Your aim should be to add why your topic is important and how it fits in the current global landscape, i.e., defining its context, which you can do by bringing attention to any related news, debate, or problem.

A Well-Defined Focus and Adequate Scope

You have told your readers the topic and have given them a foundation to stand on. But now, like any skilled essay writer, you need to take your introduction to the next step. Particularly specifying what your research focus will be and what will be the overall scope of your work.

Defining the scope is particularly important. As such, after you narrow down on a specific domain or subdomain, you still have to mention what aspect of the focus area you are exploring. With briefly covering how you are going to do that also falling on your already burdened shoulders.

To help you out, here are some questions that you should be asking yourself when you reach this stage.

  • What is the geographical or physical study area?
  • What time period will your research be covering?
  • Are there any specific demographics or people that you will be focusing on?
  • What are the methodologies and techniques that you will employ?

Proof of Relevance and Importance

It is also important to discuss the status of previous research in your field of discussion. Further details on why your research is important in that context must also be given. After which you must explain what more you bring to the table.

For instance, are you furthering previous research? Are you challenging someone else’s work? Or is the work you are doing completely unique and aimed at addressing things that other researchers have missed?

Your Research Question and Objectives

Undoubtedly the most crucial part of the introduction – your research question and objectives are what define your entire thesis. These must be concise, focused, and representative of what is to come in the subsequent sections of your thesis.

If your thesis is aimed at testing a hypothesis, then you can mention that as well. All while mentioning what connections you will make and how.

And there you have it; you now know what to add in the introduction of your thesis. But note that crafting a proper introduction takes a few tries. So, it is always best to have your work proofread and ask for help when you need it.

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