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A lot of people find public speaking very difficult and think of it as dreadful. Some people also have an irrational fear when they have to speak in front of an audience, much less having to deliver a speech that is also entertaining. If an essay writer asks for the opinion of public speakers who are seasoned, they will tell you that the secret to present a successful entertaining speech essentially lies in its topic. Anyone who wants to give an entertaining speech must remember that public speaking can turn out to be a lot more fun when humor is involved. One of the primary reasons behind this is that when the audience gets a chance to laugh at something, the whole mood brightens up and the audience establishes an instant connection with the speaker.

To evolve into the status of an entertaining speaker, the first thing that is needed is a unique and humorous topic. Students or public speakers can find a lot of entertaining speech topics on the web. But a topic should be according to the context and the type of event in which the speech has to be delivered. Events should be brought to life and this must be the primary goal of a public speaker who wants to give an entertaining speech. Engaging the audience with personal or humorous stories is a must and there should not be any single point in the speech where the audience feels left out or is unable to make a relevance with the jokes.

The development of an entertaining speech topic is a crucial process. There are some topics which might not have relevant content and some topics might not suit the event or the interests of the audience. Public speakers have also faced situations whereby they prepared an excellent speech that was targeted for the funny bones of young adults. But in reality, they had to give the speech before senior citizens. Therefore, these things should be given due consideration.

Here are some entertaining speech topics for anyone who has to write and give one. Most of these topics are one-liners and these can be modified for customized preferences. If confused, get help from an essay writing service now.

  1. Shouting in classrooms is helpful
  2. Vegetables have emotions and can feel human behavior
  3. The worst prom date
  4. Why pick-up lines never work
  5. My boomer dad TRIED to figure out Snapchat: Implications of technology for senior citizens
  6. Here’s what life lacks: Background music
  7. A silent woman is more dangerous than all of the wildlife combined
  8. How to live in the basement of your ex-girlfriend
  9. My biggest pet peeve
  10. Pineapple as a pizza topping and other food controversies
  11. Cinderella is the biggest proof that one should always wear good shoes
  12. How to take the worst passport picture
  13. Autocorrect fails and their potential remedies
  14. What’s the perfect way to lie?
  15. 10 ways to be the center of attention
  16. Here’s why I believe my dog is the best 2020 presidential candidate
  17. Who gossips more: Men or women?
  18. 5 best alternatives for cleaning
  19. How to fall in love: 400 easy steps
  20. Horrible fashion trends
  21. Worst tweets: 2020 Edition
  22. 5 things that should not be told to the therapist
  23. Why do I sleep with 6 pillows?
  24. The worst color in the world
  25. The time my sister got arrested
  26. Shoe sizes don’t matter
  27. How NOT to be lame?
  28. Here’s what your cat really thinks about you
  29. 6 foods which are underrated
  30. The best superpower
  31. 7 reasons to normalize socks and sandals
  32. Bad parenting is the key to success
  33. Why I don’t make my bed every morning
  34. Excuses for literally every occasion
  35. How to clean anything under 20 minutes?

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