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The purpose of the introduction in an essay is to give a clear idea to your reader what your essay will cover. The introduction provides background information about the specific issue or topic you are addressing. When writing an introduction, it is important that you use a general to a specific format. This means that an essay writer introduces his particular topic or problem in general before narrowing it down to his particular line of argument or position.

The introduction of your essay is a roadmap for an entire essay. This is a starting paragraph that sets the path for the entire essay. Remember! The main goals of your essay introduction are to:

  • Catch the attention and interest of your reader
  • Give background and context on your topic
  • Set up the purpose and focus of your essay

Keep in mind! Your essay opening paragraph should provide your readers with your argument initial impressions, your writing style, and overall essay quality. A disorganized, boring, and error-filled introduction can create a negative impression. On the other hand, a well-written, engaging, and concise introduction will create a great first impression on your readers and make them engaged. Most of the students also asked “Can someone write my essay? But before you ask this read the following tips.

Step 1: Hook the Interest of your reader

The first sentence of your essay introduction should set a tone for the entire essay, so spend a few minutes writing a great hook. Don’t use dense and long sentences. Always start with something interesting, concise, and clear sentences.

  • A question
  • A statistic or surprising fact
  • A broad summary
  • Anecdote
  • A quotation
  • Avoid generalization, clichés, and dictionary definition.

Don’t stress too much about coming up with an exciting and creative hook. It is very important that the first sentence of your essay provides readers a good sense of what your essay will be about. This sentence must form a bold claim that puts emphasis on the topic but doesn’t overgeneralize.

Contextualize your topic

The next step is to provide your readers with background information, they need to understand the argument and topic. Depending on the context of your essay, this should include:

  • Definition of unknown terms
  • Geographical, Historical, and social context
  • A summary of research, theories, and scholarly debates

The information you provide should be broad but relevant and clearly focused on your argument. Don’t add too much detail.

Establish your position and purpose

Now it’s time to narrow your essay focus to show what your essay aims to address. This is known as a thesis statement which helps to sum up your overall argument and focus. Try writing your essay introduction at the end. You may think that it’s important to write at first but it’s not true and not a good way to develop a perfect introduction. Some ESL students find that they need to write a rough draft of an introduction first to get the essay writing process started. That’s also okay. Just keep in mind that the process of writing an essay is an important way to organize your thoughts and ideas and develop a refined argument. If you still have difficulty in writing a good introduction, then the best way is to consult an essay writing service. The professional writers provide you with well-written essays by your deadline.

Check and revise

Whether you write your essay introduction at first or at last, it is important you return to it and check whether it matches the essay content or not. Make sure that you have added all the relevant and necessary information. You can also get help from a paper writing service in this regard.

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