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Writing an essay is fun if you are good at playing with words. If you have great ideas and stories to tell, but you cannot amaze your readers by taking innovative starts, you are probably not a good writer. People often read a book by looking at their opening sentences, and that is what makes a writer a good essay writer.

Let's talk about opening or hook sentences. Hooks are basically the first sentence of a paragraph. You should make it attention-grabbing in order to make your readers continue reading. Talking about an expository essay, you may use different styles to start your essay with a perfect hook. As your job in this kind of essay is to evaluate, instigate and expound an idea, argument, or evidence in a concise and clear manner, which means it should be a deep discussion and sometimes boring. In a case such as this, you should try to attract your reader to read each paragraph by using a perfect hook.

A question

Well, you may ask a question and intrigue your readers. It might be a very deep question or a question from your daily life, but you are making it interesting by adding logic and some spice.

Many times you ask a question that readers know about, but you put it in a different dimension that the reader will really continue reading to find the actual response. In other cases, reading does not know the answer, and their anxiety leads them to read the entire essay. When you ask someone to write essay for me, make sure they have great writing skills.

An anecdote

Narrating a story or an event is also very useful in catching your reader’s attention. The story might come from a book that you have read; it might be a personal experience or someone else’s experience. But it will definitely force your reader to read more.

Facts and figures

Authentic statistics or a factual event might further sensationalize your expository essay. Your investigation, for instance, will get better attention when attached with a figure or fact than a general opening.

An assertive declaration declaration

Well, in an expository essay, you should make a claim related to your whole essay to attract your reader's attention. Your reader might or might not like your claim, but they will continue reading until they do not find the reality.

Simile or metaphor

Use similes and metaphors to engage his mind in connecting things. In this process of connecting similes and metaphors, they will read your essay till the end.

Descriptive hooks

A descriptive hook tends to describe an important detail about your essay. It might be an argument, idea, or a case study, but it will be presented in an elaborative form dragging your reader to read the full text.

Adding quotation

Well, this is the most traditional way of making hooks. It is obviously very attention-grabbing and leaves a positive image of the writer on the reader. Your quotation from a famous writer, public speaker, or celebrity will already motivate your reader to understand the significance of the essay topic. Thus the reader won't stop reading.

Writing some perfect hooks is quite a tricky job. You may ask any good paper writing service to assist you in making a few hooks for your essay. You may also practice by looking at their free sample essays.

We suggest you refer to online writing services to get some ideas. You may also seek assignment help from an essay writer by getting yourself registered with online libraries and other reading and writing services. You can also ask someone to write my paper for me. This will make your essay flawless in no time.

Most people do not take much interest in reading expository essays, for which you must learn writing hooks. Do not hesitate to avail any time of help to make your readers happy.

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