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Most of the students are familiar with a few basic techniques of essay writing. However, there are many other attributes that an essay must have and a thesis is one of them. It indicates the direction of your essay, how you would lead your essay, and what would be your conclusion. In short, you will summarize all details about your essay in this statement. It can be one or two sentences and if you have included research questions in your essay; then this statement would be the answer to your questions.

The inclusion of a proper thesis statement is important in your essay because it gives a purpose to it. It tells the readers what your position is and how you would guide them throughout the essay via arguments. This statement also keeps your writing focused and does not let you include irrelevant details. It can be of three types for example analytical, expository, and argumentative. If you do not know all the techniques then you can also hire an academic paper writing service to help you make one. It would help a writer to write his essay within the deadline. Here are a few guidelines on how:

Step 1: Formulate a research question

Your research question is important before writing a statement. You can do it by extracting prompts from the assignment. For example, you can make your research question like this, "What were the factors which forced Britain to hold the Brexit referendum in 2016?"

Step 2: Find the correct answer and take your position

You have to specify your stance in a certain position like whether you want to support it or negate it. Remember that there is no right answer in literature; it only depends on your interpretation. That is why you should form a tentative answer. In the case of an argumentative essay you have to take a side, concerning the above question you can state that, "Political frustration caused Brexit to occur."

Step 3: Use evidence and reasoning for the correct answer

This part would show the process of your research. When you would start writing a paper you would find more evidence and sources that would refine your statement. Your statement is not just a summary rather it is an overall argument. For example, your final statement would look like this: "Brexit was driven by the working class who were not happy with the economic policies of the government which fragmented communities and eroded public services; the referendum has posed a challenge to the status quo.”

Essential attributes of a thesis


A statement cannot be a simple statement or question; rather it should be a claim that further requires evidence to prove or negate. You can prove it by your arguments and analysis, try to make it interesting to keep the reader attached to the topic. Though it is not necessary because someone is disagreeing with your statement means it is strongly backed by the evidence.


It means your statement should revolve around a central argument. It should be attached to the essay theme so that readers can make sure what the argument is about. This attribute would ensure a concise statement.


Your statement does not have several parts that is why try to make it coherent. If it consists of more than one sentence then it should be related to your paper. An essay writer can also make it coherent by including the theme of headings or topic sentences.

Examples of good statements

  1. Americans should add a morning walk to their routine, it would help them to lose weight and reduce the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure.
  2. Alcohol consumption among teens has detrimental effects on their personality and increases the risk of liver complications, heart diseases, and weight gain.
  3. Children can enhance their comprehension skills and vocabulary by developing a reading habit. It would also help them to analyze literature when they grow up.

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