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If you are writing a professional essay for yourself or if someone asks you to write my essay for me, you will have to first gain knowledge and grip on that topic, and also writing a good essay means packing a lot of important information in very few words. All of these factors make writing an essay a very difficult and boring task, you struggle with formatting, vocabulary, and above all content, what to include, when to include, and if this information is important enough to be included. You cannot escape the harshness of writing an essay if you want to ace your essay.

Combating the difficulties of writing a good essay can be made easier with pre-writing, pre-writing is a concept somewhat similar to making a rough draft, but this time of ideas. Pre-writing strategies help an essay writer pinpoint and pick the ideas and information related to the title and subject of the essay. But pre-writing is a concept that cannot help a writer unless he knows what he is looking for or he does not have a strategy for looking for information. Following are the pre-writing strategies that can help any writer gather excellent information about any topic and using that information you can ace your essay.

  1. Listing: As the name suggests the very first strategy is to list all the information you find useful or feel excited about including in your essay. Listing down important points can be overwhelming, depending upon the extent of your research and the topic you are gathering information about, it is easy to keep that list going and make it very long, but do not worry keep it going until you are satisfied.
  2. Group: once you have listed down all the ideas that felt important to you, close all the sources and group the listed ideas according to their relations and importance, and orientation. This step should be done right after you have listed everything, this way you will still have a fresh memory of your list and it will be easy for you to group ideas. Get help from the paper writing service.
  3. Reduce list: once you have listed and grouped all the ideas, take a break, if you have time go out, see what is happening around you, and come back, this way you will have a fresh perspective and a somewhat fresh start. Now, start reading your list and mark every idea you feel is redundant or has lost its importance because of another idea you found after that, this is very common because while starting you do not know what you will find in the future.
  4. Clustering: clustering is mind mapping; you make strategies and define ideas for the flow of your essay based on the ideas listed. It is quite helpful to start numbering the ideas, the most relevant idea should be the first one. And depending upon the type of essay and topic, the most supporting or most controversial idea should be next.
  5. Annotated bibliography: after gathering ideas, gather information about them. Writing an annotated bibliography about ideas is a good way of gathering information in one place. See the annotated bibliography example for more.
  6. The journalist’s questions: the famous five W’s and one H questions are very helpful while writing an essay. Ask yourself and your sources, Who? What? Where? When? Why? And How? These questions not only help you gather more information but also keep track that the gathered information is quite relevant and correct.

Following these strategies can help you ace your essay and even after pre-writing you plan on hiring an online essay writing service, providing the writer with your pre-writing material can help them write an essay of your choice and taste.

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