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An expository essay implies that something needs to be defined with great attention and clarity. The key is that without the conduction of extensive research, a specific topic or piece of writing should be exposed with the help of visual examples such as charts and graphs. Before immediately diving into drafting an expository essay, an essay writer should concern himself with their types so that one particular idea can be exposed at a point. Different types of expository writing are demonstrated in newspapers, articles, and academic essays.

Key types of expository essays and their examples

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  • The expository essay of cause and effect

    Bottom line: Students will dig a little deeper and write about why or how something happened.

    Example: In nearly every major city across America, the homelessness epidemic is evolving into the status of a problem that is of grave nature. On any given night, there are at least 500,000 people who don’t have a place to stay. This affects not only the homeless people and adds to their misery but also affects the homeowners and people who are living in the neighborhoods. In case you need help, ask an essay writing service to complete this task for you.

  • The expository essay of classification

    Bottom line: Students will classify something according to some predetermined parameters.

    Example: Diets which are the most common and popular among people are the ones that are associated with any potential changes in weight. In the zone diet, the fats, carbohydrates, and proteins are divided into the ratio of 4:3:3 in the same order. Another type of diet is known as the weight watchers’ diet. This diet requires that the carbohydrates must be unrefined.

  • The expository essay of comparison and contrast

    Bottom line: Students will analyze two abstractions or ideas based on their similarities or differences.

    Example: In the present era, there is a vast era of communication tools that have sheer differences from the methods of communication that were used in the past. The present means of communication are a lot more diverse in terms of their range and speed. In the past years, people had to rely on fax and telephone. This did not imply a lot of efficiencies. In comparison to this, the contemporary means of communication are highly speedy and can offer a broad spectrum of options with the help of a single click.

  • The expository essay of definition

    Bottom line: Students will identify a correct or contextual definition of something and will offer your perspective regarding that idea or word.

    Example: What is WiFi? Why are people relying on it so much? Understanding the very definition of WiFi and its broad implications is very important for global citizens because it connects one region of the world to another. It is a wireless network that is used between devices such as smartphones, computers, tablets, and external drives. If any device has the option of Wifi turned on, then it can connect itself to the nearest router and works with an internet service provider. Unlike, LTE, 3G/4G/5G, Wi-Fi does not use expensive cellular data.

  • The expository essay of problem and solution

    Bottom-line: Students choose a relevant problem and conduct analysis for its potential solutions.

    Example: There are several solutions to the problem of psychological illness and many of these solutions can be easily implemented. It is damaging a major chunk of youth and the top reasons are scattered. One of the top solutions is regular physical activity. A balanced diet and a sound sleep which is uninterrupted can also solve the problem to a considerable degree. Parents should also be chiefly involved in the daily activities of their children.

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