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Most of the students get confused while writing a thesis statement in an essay. If you too think that writing a strong and powerful thesis statement in an essay is a daunting task then let me help you change your perception. Trust me writing an appropriate thesis statement is not the most difficult task on this planet. I mean, just because an essay writer hasn’t tried it yet or failed once or twice you can not label it as the most difficult task.

You need to understand the basics of how to develop a thesis statement for your essay. Once you will know the guidelines it will become the easiest task for you to do. A thesis statement provides a ground to your expository essay. I will share a few expository essay examples with you to help you understand how to add a thesis statement. A thesis statement is the main part of your essay if you add an incorrect thesis statement it will ruin your entire essay. So keep calm and follow the guidelines on how to add a thesis statement or you can ask others to write my essay.

How to Develop a Thesis Statement

1. The thesis statement should be clear

While writing a thesis statement you need to make sure that it is clear to the readers. It is important to develop a clear as a crystal thesis statement because it is a central point of the essay.

2. The thesis statement should not be purposeless

There should be a purpose or a meaning to your thesis statement. Some students come up with meaningless thesis statements and it ruins their entire essay. You have written a strong and meaningful thesis statement for your essay. It should depict the main purpose of the essay and the body paragraphs should be based on the thesis statement.

3. The thesis statement should not be too long

The thesis statement should not either be too long or too short. It should cover all the important aspects of the essay in a line or two. You should not drag it to the point where it loses its meaning. The length of the thesis statement should be appropriate so that the reader does not get bored reading it.

Examples of thesis Statements

  1. The United States of America spends a huge amount of money on its military budget than the rest of the departments of the country.
  2. Post-traumatic stress disorder enhances the risk of stroke and atrial fibrillation.
  3. Spreading awareness about mental health amongst people can motivate them to take their mental health as seriously as they take their physical health.
  4. Gun-related homicide and suicide are increasing in number after several years of decline.
  5. A rapid increase can be seen in the hate crimes in three years in a row according to the FBI

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