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Has your teacher given you a task to compose a new form of essay and you are stuck because you have zero ideas of this kind of essay before?

It must be an upsetting and worrisome situation for you because getting good grades is important and the only way to get grades is to complete your assignment on time.

You may be finding yourself incapable of writing an essay due to the lack of professional writing skills and experience. It is necessary to have an understanding of the basic structure and the characteristic of any essay before writing. Writing essays may sound like rocket science to you right now, but don’t worry! I will help you understand the basic structure of the essay. I will also share a few valuable tips that will help you not only write an essay but also get good grades.

Tips to Write an Essay

  1. 1. Choose a topic

    First of all, you need to pick an appropriate topic for your essay. The topic should be specific, unique, and interesting. Picking an appropriate topic can guarantee you 50% success and rest depend on how you utilize these tips in your essay.

  2. 2. Draw an outline

    Once you have selected your topic now the next thing you gotta do is to draw a rough outline on a piece of paper. You have to write down all the raw ideas that come into your mind when you look at the topic. Write them all down and then filter out the ideas which are not relevant to the topic. Then you have to conduct research and plan your essay step by step to make it easier for you.

  3. 3. Choose Examples

    The only difference between the argumentative essay and the exemplification essay is that you need to give examples to prove your point to the readers. You have to write a persuasive essay but you have to prove your point by giving influential examples. The examples have to be powerful and impactful to change the minds of the readers. Choose the examples wisely because the entire essay depends on the choice of examples and how you defend your point to convince the readers.

  4. 4. Organize Your Essay

    Organize your essay well by adding a strong introduction, three body paragraphs that must contain unique examples to support your arguments and a precise and impactful conclusion at the end of the essay.

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