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Essay writing has become an inevitable part of today’s academia. Not everyone is blessed with exceptional skills but with practice, you can nail the art of writing an essay effectively. While talking about essay types, an expository essay is the most common essay type that teachers ask their students to write since it is the best way to understand an individual’s research skills and perspective on a certain topic.

Don’t know what an expository essay is? Let me answer that question for you. An expository essay is an essay in which you need to research and investigate an idea, gather relevant supporting material, and then present your perspective. If you are assigned a task to write an expository essay and you aren’t familiar with how to write it. Then the guide below will give an essay writer an insight into various dos and don’ts of expository essay.

Remember! Having a game plan and arriving fully armed for the battle is the best way to win the battle. Similarly, writing an essay with a plan and a few handy tips will provide an essay help to you a lot in writing an effective essay. So what are we waiting for? Let’s begin.

The Do’s

  • Strong thesis statement

    A building cannot stand tall without pillars. Likewise, an essay without a thesis statement is vague. In the thesis statement of an expository essay, you need to present a claim and then defend it why the claim is valid. Make sure that your statement is strong, clear, and concise.

  • Formatting; What is that?

    Imagine reading a story about animals and out of a sudden the topic changes to social media. How will you feel? Of course, you will feel irritated and confused. In essay writing as well, without a proper format, chances are you will end with jumbled up ideas. So make sure that you follow a proper essay format that is an introduction, body paragraphs, and lastly, conclusion.

  • Proofread

    After writing an essay many students forget to proofread their essays and thus, they turn in a paper that is full of grammatical and punctuation mistakes. Remember! To make an impression on the readers you need to read your essay out loud and then make corrections to avoid any mistakes. You can ask your friend as well to write essay for me.

The Don’ts

  • Say no to clichés and idioms

    Let me be clear with you if you are using too many flowery words and idioms or metaphors just to impress the readers then let me break that bubble for you. Your readers are interested in your analysis of the topic so make sure to use the words that are simple and easy to comprehend.

  • Plagiarism: A big NO

    If you are using someone else’s ideas or work to support your claim then it is necessary to give proper credits. If you fail to give credit you will end up with plagiarized work that can not only cost you grades but in many educational institutes, students even get expelled. So make sure to avoid plagiarism at any cost.

  • Avoid adding fluff

    To fulfill the word limit requirement, many students add fluff which is a big no. Adding irrelevant content will affect your grades and will hide all the work and efforts you did to write an essay. Make sure that you only add content that is relevant and based on primary or secondary sources.

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