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Giving a speech for work, event or class can be nerve-wracking but with careful planning and attention, you can write an effective speech that will persuade, inform, and motivate the audience you are writing for. If this is your first debate, then take all the time you want. It is very important to ensure that your message is effectively delivered to the audience and this is only possible if your speech is well written. To help an essay writer, this article demonstrates how to write and structure debate in six easy steps. If you follow these steps, then surely you increase your chances of success in the next debate competition.

How to Write a Debate Outline?

Do you want to write a speech that your audience will remember? Then you should start with a speech outline. An outline is very important to help you to sound more in control and authoritative. As you write the outline of your debate speech, you need to focus on the introduction of yourself, topic, and all arguments that will be covered. Remember! Speech outline will save you time and will help you in organizing your thoughts. The outline will ensure that your speech is following a proper format and structure. Before start essay writing online you need to know:

Who is your audience?

What arguments will be included?

How long does a speech need to be?

This speech outline will help you to be on the right track from the start. Here is an example of how you can create a debate outline.


  • Choose a topic and all-important points that your debate will cover
  • Know your audience
  • Define the purpose of the debate and organize it properly


  • A strong statement to grab the attention of readers
  • Establish the credibility of the introduction


Write the main idea with supporting statements


  • Summarize all-important debate points
  • Closing statement
  • Call to Action

How to Write a Debate?

Remember! Just like essays, the debate also follows three main sections: Introduction, body, and conclusion. Unlike essays, debates must be written to be heard rather than just being read. Similarly, it must be written in a way that grabs the attention of readers.


It is important to know how to start a debate that can grab the attention of readers. The opening sentence should be an attention-grabbing statement. The introduction should not be more than one paragraph. Here, you need to introduce your topic very concisely and clearly at the start of the debate. One tip to write an excellent introduction of debate is to focus on some prominent quotations, examples, and personal anecdotes that help in developing rapport with audiences.

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Main Body

Keep in mind! Presents your thesis statement and arguments in an organized way. Pick important points and stick to them throughout your debate. State each argument clearly by providing the required facts, information, evidence, and statistics to clarify all points. It is also good to add your personal experience as it will make your speech memorable and interesting. Use transition as it will improve the overall information flow and help your audience to understand the context and structure of speech. Words such as before, after, then, next, etc. are the most common transition words that will make your debate more interesting.

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In this section, summarize and restate all-important points of debate. Wrap up your whole debate perfectly and give something to the audience to think about. One of the best methods to conclude your debate is to add a call to action. Lastly, when you’re done, don’t forget to proofread your speech carefully or have a professional write my paper for me service to proofread and fix it for you

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