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Academic writing is a crucial phase in the life of every student and it's hard to escape having to write different forms of essays. So if you’re having trouble with your papers, then go through the following expert tips I’ve listed to help you craft a standard five-para essay in no time:

“Planning an outline”

A plain scratch outline begins with listing ideas that are aligned with the thesis and then key topic sentences are arranged. On the other hand, a formal outline starts with a thesis. Then afterward, with an aid of concise phrases, roman numbers are assigned to main topics and subtopics are organized using letters.

With the help of a good outline, a lengthy and complex paper gets summarized in an organized manner down to its core points only. A reader can understand the main context and idea of writing in a couple of seconds without any complexities.

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Detailed Guidelines for a Five-Paragraph paper

If you have to write on a specific prompt or topic, your course instructor might provide you explicit guidelines regarding the material and info to be included, along with the way of organizing the five-paragraph draft of a particular research paper. An essay writer has to ensure that he follows these precise requirements while preparing your first draft. Additionally, you have to follow specific guidelines to produce a well-written draft for your five-paragraph paper that is listed below;

· The first paragraph of the draft should include background info and context for the research, the overall theme under study, and the particular theme of your research.

· It should reveal the problem statement that is addressed through your research.

· Also, it should state the existing research knowledge about a specific topic and previous research that has already been done on that topic.

· The second paragraph of a draft must consist of the primary causes, the constraint, the reasoning, and the objectives of your research.

· A draft should focus on the significance of addressing the problem statement. For instance, why does a specific topic need to be examined? Will it fill a gap in preceding research?

· It should include a brief glimpse of the analytical methods used to carry out research.

· Also, the key results and limitations of research should be incorporated into the draft.

· A concluding paragraph of a draft should contain implications of the research findings to use by future researchers.

Therefore, follow these guidelines to craft a high-quality and well-written draft of your research paper. The draft should be comprehensible on its own to reflect the complete outlook of the article. A well-organized draft will not only save the time of the reader but also mark a positive impression about the writer’s skills.

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