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If you're a college student who struggles with formatting papers in Chicago style then this guide is for you. Your professor expects you to compose papers and essays that are correctly formatted and follow all guidelines that are set up for an essay. So, you do not want to miss out on the hacks that we gathered here for you to ace your essays. You can say someone to write my paper and tell them all the requirements that you need in your essay.

Usually, this format is meant for published papers and not for academic tasks. However, your teacher may ask you to use the Chicago style for your college tasks to build your understanding of it and allow you to learn how to use it in publishing professional work. Although it is the least popular formatting style you must learn it because you never know when you need it.

Essay Format in Chicago Style

The basic formatting of the essay is not much different than other formatting styles. When writing essays in Chicago format, be sure to check the following elements of formatting are in place. This is the time where a little mistake in formatting the essay could change the entire formatting style.

  1. Use a normal A4 size paper which has dimensions of (8*11)”
  2. The format needs to be clear such as Time New Roman or Calibri in font size 11 or 12.
  3. In Chicago format, the numbering of the page is done in Arabic numerals which are kept at the upper right corner of the page. Do not number the cover page.
  4. The title page is formatted as follows:
    • The name of the title is written in upper case.
    • Center the title and keep it in the one-third down position of the page from the top. To do this, hit Enter 7 times.
    • After the title, enter your name, class/course name, and date each in a separate line. Keep them all center-aligned too.
  5. Like any other essay format, keep your entire paper double spaced.
  6. Keep the text left-aligned. There's no need to justify it.
  7. Use indentation at the start of each paragraph.
  8. To insert any direct quote, check its length. If it is less than five lines then wrap it inside the paragraph in double quotations. However, if its length exceeds or equals 5 lines then use block quotations.
  9. Finish off your paper with citations. Two types of citations are done in Chicago format essays. One is a footnote and the other is an endnote.

How to Add Citations in Chicago Format

Citations in this format are different from any other format and may be a challenging task for an essay writer. But that does not give you the pass to avoid it. No, you have to include it in your essays as it's mandatory. If you think you cannot do it then look for experts who provide a paper writing service. They may do citations for you free of cost.

The key difference between footnotes and endnotes is that endnotes are a list of sources that is prepared at the end of the paper on separate pages just like a bibliography. But footnotes include information of all the sources used within a page in the footer of that page.

The author and date style in endnotes is very similar to APA or MLA style. The tricky part is to add footnotes. For those of you who do not know, You add footnotes from the "reference" section of the word document.

To avoid mistakes in the citation or get rid of the complex Chicago citation structure, you can use software like Zotero that helps you automatically generate the citations. Also, you can get online help from experts by saying write my essay.

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