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Let’s talk about Jeff, a college student pursuing a mechanical engineering degree from Brooklyn College. Jeff spent 3 days researching a topic and writing thousands of words for his essay. After submitting his final draft, he was expecting an A grade with praise from the professor. Due to formatting errors and structuring, he got a low grade. If you can relate with Jeff, you've come to the right place.

Importance of formatting

Formatting your paper in the required format is essential. It gives your essay a neat and tidy look which is a good first impression to the reader. If the formatting is to be done in MLA format, the reader will know that the name will be placed on the top right corner along with the page number. The reader will know that there will be a thesis statement at the end of the introduction that summarizes the paper. The professor will also find it easy to grade the hundreds of students in the class if they have all written in a similar format.

Step by step MLA Formatting

You can either start your paper and constantly keep formatting the paper in your mind or complete your paper in no specified format and format the whole thing in the end. Formatting at the end is more plausible because when you are writing your paper, your whole attention should be towards the paper details. It is recommended that you seek online help from a paper writing service. They will format your paper for you and correct any mistakes in your paper. Here’s how to make sure your paper is properly formatted

  1. Cover page alternative

    Instead of a cover page, you will fill in the data at the start of your first page. Write your name, your instructor's name, the course code, and the date systematically on the right-hand side of the paper. Make sure you haven't added this in the header section. You may skip this part if your instructor has specifically mentioned the formation of a title page.

  2. General formatting

    Highlight the text of your whole document (ctrl+a) and select times new roman and 12 sizes from the options in the home ribbon. Make sure that the color of the text of the whole document is black. Check if you have left-indent each paragraph by 0.5 inches (press tab one time). Go to the first page and double-click the top part of the page to open the header. In the top right corner, an essay writer has to insert the page number and the last name preceding it (the rest of the pages will automatically add the page number and name).

  3. Quotations

    If the quotation is more than 4 lines, you have to mention the quote as a separate paragraph. Make sure you omit the quotation marks in this case. You should indent your quote 1 inch from the left (press tab 2 times). A short quote can be inserted within the paragraph with quotation marks

  4. Citation and bibliography

    You must add evidence for your claims in the form of sources. These sources should be added to the text in MLA style. Your bibliography should also contain all the citations formatted in MLA. Examples are given for both

Mla in-text citation looks something like this:

(last name page number) e.g., (Johnson 10)

MLA bibliography looks something like this

Johnson, Brian. "The causes of global warming" Journal of Science 27.2 (2018): 10.

Formatting can be done by modern software and even online. If you are confused by formatting, you can hire any cheap essay writer service by saying write my paper. These services can correct your format almost immediately. You can also ask them to correct your major errors.


MLA is the easiest format to follow. Just follow the given rules to ensure proper formatting. Online services are available whereby professionals look at your draft and correct your mistakes. Make sure you send them your professor’s formatting guide so they do the work effectively. You can also take help from someone by saying write my essay.

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