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Are you trying to write a speech that can enable you to convince the readers about the target issue? Or you are unable to write because you don’t know the exact format? The structure and format are the frameworks of any speech as it brings organization, which puts a lasting impact on the audience. An expert ‘ write my paper’ service can help you with everything.

You choose persuasive writing and speech to persuade the readers about the topic and for this purpose you need to arrange the ideas. These ideas can only be organized if you have a standard format.

So here are some structure guides and format outlines that can help you write an influential speech.

Structure Guide

The structure guide for persuasive writing is the same as the simple essay which consists of the introduction, three body paragraphs, and conclusion. But it does not mean your content should be the same for speech writing.

Always remember, in your persuasive speech you have to convince the reader about the topic and its importance, so its structure can vary according to the topic. Don’t worry, you can make changes at any time.

The better way to structure the argument is like you are providing a solution to the problem that you are discussing in your speech. First, you convince the reader about the importance of the issue, give some reasons, and then you move towards the solutions as well.

This is the standard format that all other online paper writing service websites also follow. You should just choose the topic that has relevance with the contemporary issues so that it can be of interest to the readers.


It is the most crucial part of any speech because, through the introduction, you can grasp the attention of the readers. For this purpose, you can either start with a hook such as a quote or some statistic and more towards the background so you can set a context for the readers about the topic.

In the end, you can add a thesis statement in which you are supposed to explain your main stance and the reasons to convince the readers.

Body Paragraphs

The content in the body paragraph of the speech varies and it depends on the issue you are discussing. You can add reasons with real-life examples to persuade the readers about the claim or you can move towards discussing the further arguments by adding persuasive elements.

In the body paragraphs of the speech, you can always add persuasive elements such as ethos, pathos, and logos to convince your readers effectively. These three techniques are usually used by authors in their texts to add authenticity which aids them in persuading the audience in a better way.

If you don’t understand these elements, you can visit any writing website and press the option of “ write essay for me” and they can help you out in figuring out the persuading elements. These elements can help you in understanding the perception of the target audience.


In conclusion, you have to take simple steps, you can restate the thesis and then add a summary. In the end, you can add suggestions and solutions for the issue. It helps you make your speech more strong and influential and readers will think about your solutions.

Common format 1

  1. Introduction
    • Attention statement or hook
    • Talk about the credibility
    • State your point of view
    • Thesis statement
  2. Body paragraph

    Paragraph 1

    • Simple topic information

    Paragraph 2

    • Prove with deterrence
    • Argument by generalization
    • Argument by sign
    • Argument by authority

    Paragraph 3

    • Prove with retribution
    • Argument by cause
    • Argument by analogy
    • Argument by the principle

    Paragraph 4

    • Solutions
    • National level
    • Personal level
    • Local-level
  3. Conclusion
    • Restate thesis statement
    • Summary
    • End with influential message

Common format 2

  1. Introduction
    • Hook or attention grabber
    • Background of the topic
    • Thesis statement
  2. Body paragraph

    Reason 1

    • 1st example
    • 2nd example
    • 3rd example

    Reason 2

    • 1st example
    • 2nd example
    • 3rd example

    Reason 3

    • 1st example
    • 2nd example
    • 3rd example
  3. Conclusion
    • Restate the thesis
    • Summary
    • Solutions or recommendations

A good essay writer knows about these formatting and structuring guidelines and follows them strictly.

By relying on the standard structure and format style, you can bring clarity in your stance which will help you in a better way to write your speech. So be careful with the structure and content but don’t take the stress. In speech, writing can take time but by following this format, you can avoid disorganization and your speech can become perfect.

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