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Getting admission to your dream college or university would have been a lot easy if you did not have to write a personal statement for that. I am sure every student must hate this process but it is mandatory to write a personal statement that contains details about your qualification, qualities, academic excellence, and other abilities. It is a dream of every student to write an incredible college application to stand out and get selected by the admission officers but you have to put a lot of effort to impress them. The admission officers notice the minute details like the structure and the format of your application, the usage of vocabulary, your approach towards life through your past experiences and opinions, and your writing style. So you have to take care of each and everything to be able to get selected by the admission selection committee.

The most important part of any academic writing is to structure and format it well to make it look like a professional document. An improperly structured document fails to grab the attention of the admission officers. They would like to read a well-structured and well-written personal statement and most probably select it for it too. It is equally as important to follow the personal statement format and standard structure as adding the information. You have to understand the basic requirements of the personal statement to be able to ace it. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to structure your personal statement and follow a standard format I will share a guideline that will help you get through this process. First of all, I will explain to you what a personal statement is and what are the requirements to write it or you can ask others to write my essay.

What is a Personal Statement?

A personal statement is a type of academic writing that needs to be written to get admission to a college, university, or to get a job explaining your abilities, qualities, academic excellence, and other activities. You need to write an appealing personal statement to highlight your skills, capabilities, and goals to the admission officers or an employer.

Formatting and Structure Guide

  • Formatting your Personal Statement

    Formatting your personal statement is important in the process of writing. As an essay writer, you have to make sure that you follow the instructions given by the admission officer. There are many formatting styles like APA, MLA, Chicago, etc each style has its own rules. You have to add a title page that must contain your name, the topic of the personal statement, submission date, etc. You have to add margins to your document and align it properly. The font size and the style must be 12pt and Times New Roman. If you have used any sources you must add in-text citations by adding the name of the author and the source. The source should be authentic and credible. Then at the end of the document, you have to add a referencing list containing all the sources mentioned in the document. Your personal statement should consist of three paragraphs. The first line of the paragraph should be indented and single-spaced. If you are still confused, hire a paper writing service now.

Structure of the Personal Statement

  • Introduction
    1. The introduction should explain the reason why you are choosing this particular study of course?
    2. Utilize the background reading to write an introduction about academic strengths.
    3. Keep your focus on a particular thing that interests you in your chosen field.
  • Body paragraph
    1. The body of the personal statement should contain examples to show your preparedness for the selected course.
    2. Add 2-3 examples but do not go off the topic, you can also add an example related to the academic reading of your course
    3. Do not write about your skills, qualities, and abilities, try to show them with relevant examples or accomplishments.
  • Conclusion
    1. The conclusion of the personal statement should wind up the whole personal statement.
    2. It should provide a summary of the main points that you have explained in your application
    3. Highlight your strengths and capabilities related to your academic career
    4. You can also write plans for the future as well

You have to format your personal statement properly and follow the basic structure to be able to write an amazing personal statement that would make you stand out amongst other applicants. Your personal statement should not exceed the word limit that is provided by the institute. Try to fix all the information within the space that is provided to you. Once you have done your personal statement, get it to proofread and check the format of the document to make sure that you did your best.

Writing a personal statement requires you to develop exceptional writing skills because it isn’t easy to impress the admission officers. Using a format and structuring your essay is also not a piece of cake. It takes a lot of time and energy to do that so it is better to consult professional essay writing services to make sure that you get admitted to your dream university. Getting help from the essay writing service websites increases the chances of getting a yes from the institute. So chin up and find yourself the most trusted and authentic website to place an order. You have to check the credibility and authenticity of the website before. Once you have found the website it becomes easy to place an order. You just gotta sign up and add the requirements of the work to place an order. You don’t have to stress about the quality because they assure you about the quality of the work and if you don’t find it satisfactory you can get it fixed without paying even a single extra penny.

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