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Being a science student you have to write a report on your lab work. Writing a technical and professional report is a difficult task. You have to be very specific about each and every detail that has to be mentioned in the report. Don’t worry if you get confused about how to write a report based on the experiment you have performed.

It isn’t as difficult as it may sound to you. I will help you write a professional report based on any experiment that you perform in the lab. You must have heard your teacher telling you multiple times that after performing an experiment the most important yet crucial task is to pen it down in a proper format so that the audience can understand the purpose of the concerned report.

Outline For the Report

I will share a general outline for a scientific report for any experiment. It can help an essay writer to write a professional report for your viva.

  1. 1. Tittle
  2. First thing first, we need to add the title of the experiment at the beginning of the report. The title should draw the attention of the audience towards the report. It should be relevant to the experiment performed in the lab.

  3. 2. Introduction
  4. The introduction of the report should state the main purpose of the experiment in generic terms. It must also explain the importance of the experiment and review the existing information related to the experiment. The introduction part is the most important part because it provides a gateway to the main concept of the lab report. This paragraph should contain all the basic information about the experiment. The information on the existing theories should be added along with the proper reference and supporting arguments.

  5. 3. Procedure
  6. This is a very important part of the report that includes all the essential information about the experiment.

    • You can also add diagrams of apparatus to show more detail
    • You have to list down the names of all the parameters, tools, instruments, and apparatuses that are being used during the experiment.
    • You have to explain the entire procedure of the experiment with minute details of the parameters such as dependent and independent variables and their possible effects.
  7. 4. Results
  8. In this section, you have to provide the results of the conducted experiment.

    • You can show results in tabular form showing the observations and measurements with units.
    • Explain the limitations, errors, and uncertainties of the experiment.
    • Draw graphs to illustrate the results.
    • Mathematical calculations to calculate the final readings obtained by the results such as calculating the average, standard deviation, mean, and median of the readings.
  9. 5. Conclusion
  10. In the conclusion section, you have to wrap your report up by presenting your final findings from the experiment.

    • Compare the expected results with the actual outcomes
    • Evaluate your results if the outcomes are accurate or not. Give reasons in either case
    • If the outcomes are close to the expected results show the variance by linear variance between the actual outcomes and expected results.
    • State the limitations of the experiment and the theory that was being followed throughout the experiment.
    • Give recommendation and suggestions to improve the results

I hope these general outlines to write a scientific report for your experiment will help you write an effective report for your class assignment. You can add more details about the experiment if you want to, it will enhance the effectiveness of the report.

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