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If you are the one who has been tasked with writing a graduate paper in APA format, you would be thinking about how to go about it. Similar to other formatting styles like MLA and Chicago, the APA style has its own rules that need to be followed throughout the paper. Once you perform these guidelines in the beginning then you do not need to worry while writing the paper. Students often find it difficult even though once done in word-processing then it follows automatically. However, sometimes instructors ask students to make required adjustments unlike the default setting and those who avail cheapest paper writing service for formatting do not address this problem resultantly them suffering due to incorrect formatting. So the basic guidelines of APA formatting are given below:


On each side of the paper (top, bottom, right, left) use 1-inch margins. This is how papers are automatically set in a word document.


The font should be legible, usually, the default font is acceptable. Many serif fonts and sans serifs can be used in APA style including 11-point Arial, 11-point Georgia, 11-point Calibri, and 12-point Times New Romans.

Line Spacing

The entire page should be double-spaced including the title page, reference list, and block quotations. This is done once by using the paragraph function of the word-processing program and it runs throughout the paper. An essay writer does not add extra spaces between paragraphs and neither left blank space before or after headings.

Indentation and Paragraph Alignment

All paragraphs in the text of the body are left-aligned and let the right margin be ragged. Avoid full justification and the first line of each paragraph should be indented by 0.5-inches. This can be done by paragraph functioning or the tab key. Moreover, most of the guidelines like paragraph, margin, and line spacing are common across different formatting styles and you would be better familiarized if you have written your papers by yourself without asking someone to write my paper.

Page Numbers

Page number along with the title should be put on the top right of every page header. Do not do the numbering manually, always use the automatic page numbering function. The page number should also be of the same font and same size as the page. Student papers do not require a running head unless instructed by the supervisor.

Title Page Setup

Student title page format in APA format contains the following elements on the title page:

  • Title of the page
  • Name of authors
  • Affiliation of authors
  • Course name and number
  • Name of instructor
  • Due date of assignment
  • The page number on the top right of the page header
  • If the paper has a single author then his/her full name i.e. James William Hockley.
  • If the paper has two authors then write the name of both the writers separated by ‘and’ i.e. Upton J. Baron and Natalia John.
  • If the paper includes three or more than three numbers then separately the initial ones by a 'comma' and the last one by 'and' i.e. Jaylen T. James, Nia J. Balls, and Chris Murray.

Abbreviations in APA Style

Avoiding using periods or spaces between capital letters unless it is a proper name or refers to participants i.e. J.M. Keats, H.J. James, etc., and APA, MLA, MBA, etc. in citations always abbreviate the first and middle names of authors i.e. Chomsky, N., Shakespeare, W.

Numbers in APA Style

Numbers are expressed in numerals rather than words i.e. 8 samples, 5 students, etc. Numbers that show mathematical function, ratio, percentage i.e. 0.5, 25%. The ratio of 2:8. Numbers that represent score, age, date, time, and the exact sum of money i.e. a 12-point scale, 19 years, 20 January, 6:16, and $26.

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