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Have you been assigned your final graduation paper that requires the Chicago format to follow? But do you know anything about it? No need to get worried. If you read this article till the end, you will have enough idea of how to write a paper in Chicago style. Generally, students from college and university are assigned writing tasks that require proper formatting in a particular style such as APA, MLA, Harvard, etc. however, most of them do not know how to cite references and how to format their paper in any particular style. Therefore, they should learn those styles to earn high scores from their professors.

Chicago manual style is of two kinds. One is about humanities and the other is about science-related papers and journals. The former is called a bibliography and the latter is called author-date. In the first style, you use footnotes or endnotes to record citations at the end of the page where a detailed bibliography is placed at the end of the paper. In the second, in-text citations are done through parenthesis and a detailed list of references is put at the end of the paper. The first method is commonly used in humanities and the second is adopted in scientific papers and journals. Hence, before writing essays, an essay writer should know what kind of citation style they used.

Many students lack a proper understanding of these formats and often get confused. They can best format their papers after seeking some help. However, if they are a write my paper kind of students, they may fail to acknowledge the importance of such formatting styles in their writings.

Following are some tips for formatting your graduation paper in Chicago style.

  • 1- In-text citation

    The in-text citation is used to refer to any direct quote, paraphrase, or statistics that you have used in your paper. In Chicago style, an in-text citation is done in two phases, first, superscript numerals in the text and then place a footnote or endnote at the end of the page. Notes are used to give complete information about the source. Once the source is numbered in the text, its footnote or endnote will be as follows.

    Complete name of the author, title of the book, (City and publisher name and year of publication) in the parenthesis and pages used. If the same source is quoted more than once, it will come as number two, second name, and pages used.

    Similarly, if you need to cite an article that has been published in a print journal, the following method will be used for generating endnotes.

    First putting a number against the direct quote, paraphrase, or summary in the text you need to provide endnotes. First give the author name, then the title of the article, journal name and year of publication, and the number of pages used.

  • 2- Title page

    Generally, there are three main sections of a paper, a title page, body, and reference list. The title page must include a title of the paper, centralize it, and must come in the center of the page. Then comes the name of the author, class name, and course name several lines after the title. Ask someone to write essay for me and get professional assistance.

  • 3- Body section

    The next section is the body of the paper. It includes a bold, centralized title at the beginning of the text and headings. All headings must be capitalized and subheadings also. However, the Chicago style does not include proper instructions for the heading but some general instructions are there to follow. All headings must be capitalized, follow a consistent structure, and use a heading style to capitalize. Every subheading should begin with a new line and they must be distinguished from the main headings. Different levels of subheads can also be differentiated with different type styles and can be italicized. Moreover, do not end subheadings with periods. All text must follow double space, 12 font size, and manuscripts from sources must not use inverted commas.

  • 4- References

    For a humanities paper, provide the heading, bibliography, in boldface in the center of the page, and for author-date use 'reference' heading in the same manner. Before your first entry, leave two lines blank and one blank line in the rest of the entries. The bibliography must be ordered alphabetically.

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